10 Ways to Stay Up to Date with Small Business Social Media Trends Today

Over the last few years, social media has strongly changed the way businesses communicate with their target audience. More people are using social media to find small businesses that are deserving of patronage and small businesses that actively engage with them stand a chance of retaining them as repeat customers.

Research shows that around 53% of people who communicate with brands on social media are more loyal to responsive brands. This makes social media an effective communication channel. Unfortunately, it is ever changing. Many small business owners understand the importance of social media to the achievement of set goals and how to use it but many are at a loss when it comes to keeping up with trends. Here are 10 ways to effortlessly achieve this.

  1. Check top social media sites. These are sites that you can trust to discuss prevalent trends. Some of them include Mashable, Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, The Next Web, readwrite and others. Add them to your bookmark and check them for any changes when you have some spare time.
  2. Set up Google Alerts. When you have found sites to follow consistently for small business social media trends, you can move on from bookmarks and set up Google Alerts. Enter the target terms you are looking for (in this case social media) and set up delivery frequency to your inbox.
  3. Use a Twitter stream. Twitter is a powerful social media platform for businesses. To keep up with trends, create searches based on relevant hashtags for your business and watch out for relevant results. Hashtags should reflect your business niche.
  4. Build a Twitter List. A list gives you the chance to cut out the noise and only listen to the people that matter. Setting up one is easy.
  5. Get close to social media lovers. If you have a few acquaintances that are always in the know on the latest social media trends or newly released features, you can get close to them. They are a great help when it comes to keeping up to date.
  6. Attend Expos and Conferences. From time to time, social media business conferences are held regularly. Find one that is relevant to your niche. Such expos also allow you to meet up with social media insiders and network with other small business owners.
  7. Listen to your followers. From time to time, check your follower’s feeds to glean vital information on trends. Sometimes all it takes is to see an interaction with other businesses like yours to know the latest trend.
  8. Use YouTube. You may not have thought of it, but YouTube is a fertile ground for social media experts willing to share expertise and opinion on latest trends.
  9. Other business owners may be ahead of you in the social media game. Talk to them about trends.
  10. Follow official announcements from main social media platforms. That way you can become an early bird for important trends.

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