200 Most Fearless Women Online and In Social Media

Women should be respected as well! Generally speaking, men are held in great esteem in all parts of the world, so why shouldn’t women have their share? Soldiers and war heroes are honored and commemorated, explorers are granted immortal fame, martyrs are revered, but how many people look upon women too as soldiers?…Women, who struggle and suffer pain to ensure the continuation of the human race, make much tougher and more courageous soldiers than all those big-mouthed freedom-fighting heroes put together!” —Anne Frank

There are thousands of fearless women over the internet, but we just decided to publish just a minimum list of 200 of them. If your name is not amongst the below list, I don’t imply that you are not a fearless WOMAN.

Last Year I wrote about 24 of the most powerful influential women which received such a wonderful response that I decided to release this part 2 of the 200 Most Fearless Women Online and in Social Media. Read their bio, their works etc. Hope you enjoy the post.

1.Arianna Huffington is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of TheHuffingtonPost.com In May 2005, she launched The Huffington Post, a news and blog site that has quickly become one of the most widely-read, linked to, and frequently-cited media brands on the Internet. In 2011 HuffingtonPost.com has become the go-to site for millions of people seeking news and commentary on everything from politics and world events to entertainment and green living. Even before AOL agreed to acquire Arianna Huffington’s company for $315 million, the site reached 25 million unique visitors per month. As Arianna will remain President and Editor in chief, her influence will remain strong and will continue to grow. You can follow her on

2. Anita Campbell -widely considered a “small business expert,” Anita Campbell serves as CEO of Anita Campbell Associates Ltd, a woman-owned consulting firm helping companies and organizations reach the small businessmarket. As Publisher of several online media properties and syndicated content, Anita reaches over 1,000,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs annually. She is the founders and Editor-in-Chief of Small Business Trends, an award-winning online publication and Bizsugar.com a small business social media site which has more than 200,000 members and still counting! She hosts Small Business Trends Radio, where she interviews other small business experts. You can follow her at , you can follow her Bizsugar and you can follow her at Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/anita.campbell

3. Padmasree Warrior is the Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise, Commercial and Small Business As Chief Technology Officer, Padmasree Warrior helps define Cisco’s technological strategy and drives innovation across the company, working closely with the senior executive team and Board of Directors. As Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise, Commercial and Small Business group, Warrior sets the vision and strategy for her organization’s strategic priorities.You can follow her

4Charlene Li -is founder of Altimeter Group and the author of the New York Times bestseller, Open Leadership. She is one of the foremost experts on social media and technologies and a consultant and independent thought leader on leadership, strategy, social technologies, interactive media and marketing. You can follow her blog at charleneli.com/blog Follow Her at t.

5. Mari Smith is the founder Marismith.com Social Media Expert Speaker and Trainer. If you’re a confused and overwhelmed entrepreneur or small business owner, seeking support to figure out how to monetize all these new social media tools and platforms, She can help you!. Follow her at

6. Michelle King Robson – A nationally-recognized women’s health advocate, Michelle King Robson is the Founder, Chairperson and CEO of EmpowHER , a health media company for women. She started the company following her own personal struggle with a debilitating health issue. A tireless voice for women and the visionary behind EmpowHER, You can follow EmpowHER on twitter . You can follow Michelle https://twitter.com/thenextwomen

7. Donna Maria Coles Johnson – is the founder and CEO of Indie Beauty Network (a part of Indie Business Network) and Indie Business Media, a communications company offering customized and expert insights to help small and independent business owners maximize their potential in life and business. You can follow her on

8. Iyanla Vanzant is the Founder Inner Visions World Wide Inner Visions is a network of spiritual and holistic practitioners who believe that all individuals must be empowered.

Motherless at age 3. Raped at age 9. A mother by age 16. The mother of 3 by age 21. Married and beaten from age 22 to 30. A college graduate at age 34. A lawschool graduate at age 38. A publishing force with 15 titles, including 5 New York Times Best-Sellers throughout her 40s.

Many ordinary people cannot tell tales of tragedy, struggle, strength, courage and triumph in the same way Iyanla Vanzant can. Much of what she has seen, heard and lived through would have devastated the ordinary person. Through her life’s experiences Iyanla has uncovered her life’s purpose, discovered the power that lies within soul, recovered her cultural and her spiritual self, to emerge shining, sharing her stories, her gifts, her discoveries and her love with the world. Follow her at

9. Nicole Nicolay- is the founder of Mytechopinion.com Nicolay Nicolay “@nik_nik” is a lifelong learner passionate about marketing, technology and real estate. Nicole is MTO’s Content Editor and writes about utilizing social media and WordPress for business in an informative “how-to” style. She is also Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Agent Evolution, a social media training and WordPress Web design company for real estate professionals and brokerages. Nicole is an exuberant speaker, skilled educator, and author of “Twitter for Real Estate Twits”. She was named one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate for 2010 by Inman News. Follow her at

10. Donna Antoniadis- is the founderShesconnected.comShesConnected is the one place for women to manage both the personal and professional sides of their lives. Follow her at

11 Laura Fitton is the founder Oneforty is the social business software hub. oneforty connects businesses – brands, SMB’s, Fortune 500 companies, agencies – to the tools they need to use to coordinate and optimize their social media efforts in their organizations. Likewise, oneforty serves as a discovery engine for the tools themselves, generating leads from an engaged and knowledgeable businessaudience. You can follow her at

12 Beth Kanter is the founder Bethkanter.org She is the author of Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media, one of the longest running and most popular blogs for nonprofits. She co-authored the book titled “The Networked Nonprofit” with Allison Fine published by J Wiley in 2010 that received Honorable Mention for the Terry McAdams Award. Beth has over 30 years working in the nonprofit sector in technology, training, capacity building, evaluation, fundraising, and marketing. You can follow her

13 Maria Forleo is the founder Marieforleo.com Maria has helped thousands of women entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses, transform their lives and live Rich, Happy & Hot. She recently had the honor of being the first woman interviewed by the world-renowned Anthony Robbins for his DVD training program, The New Money Masters. You can follow her at

14 Susan Elaine Cooper is the founder Buzzedition.coma Social Media Enthusiast and Strategist. She is an active participant in social media and currently handle social media marketing, consulting and strategy targeted for musicians, entertainers and select businesses. You can follow her

15 Tina Bychkova is the Investengine.com the web platform that offers freebusiness plan software and opportunity to post these plans online to find investors. You can follow her

16 Annemarie Cross – founder Annemariecross.com. she is a Brand Strategist Business Coach supporting women entrepreneurs tap into their unique and authentic brilliance (their brand) so they can create a buzz, gain expert status, and finally attract a constant stream of ideal and high paying clients in their business. You can follow AnneMarie at

17. Aaron Lee or more known as Ask Aaron Lee () on twitter is your average Joe but with an extra-large social media addiction. His love for social media started in March 2009 when he joined twitter and sent out his first tweet from the web. Besides twittering Aaron is also a part time internet marketer and social media consultant helping businesses to grow their business on twitter. He does freelancing with businesses to help them build their business online using social media. She is the founder Askaaronlee.com . You can follow her

18. Simone Brummelhuis is the founder Thenextwomen.com the first award-winning online Women’s Business Magazine and Networking Forum, with a focus on startups and growing businesses, led, founded or invested in by women. You can follow her https://twitter.com/thenextwomen

19. Sydni Craig-Hart is the founder Smartsimplemarketing.com If you have a burning desire to attract more clients, create more income in your business and enjoy a business model that supports your ideal lifestyle NOW, the Smart Simple Marketing™ system is perfect for you. You can follow her

20. Melinda Emerson is the founder Succeedasyourownboss.com Melinda Emerson, known as “SmallBizLady,” is one of America’s leading small business experts. She is a seasoned entrepreneur, professional speaker, social media strategist and small business coach.You can follow her

21 Natalie MacNeil is the founder Shetakesontheworld.net is an award-winning business and lifestyle blog for career-minded women and women entrepreneurs. We aim to support and inspire women to create their own career. Here, you will find articles on a variety of subjects related to entrepreneurship, leadership, personal branding, interviews with successful women, business resources, and a free directory for women business owners. You can follow her

21 Ann Smarty is the founder Myblogguest.com A community of bloggers who are interested in writing or publishing (or both) guest posts. The best way to start here is to browse through the forums and see what others do. You will quickly understand the process. You can follow her

22. Lori Taylor is the founder Lorirtaylor.com who love sharing about social media tips. You can follow her

23. Karen is the founder Blazingminds A blogger who shares all kinds of social media tips. She is indeed a great blogger everyone must follow. Follow her

24. Ann Handley was the co-founder of Clickz.com but Chief Content Officer atMarketingprofs.com a trusted resource that offers actionable know-how to help you market your products and services both smarter and better. Entrepreneurs, small-business owners and marketers in the world’s largest corporations make up its 387,000 subscribers, making it the largest in its category. Through the MarketingProfs Web site, newsletters, conferences, seminars, forums and so on. You can follow Ann

25. Amber Naslund is a communications and business strategist and the VP of Social Strategy for Radian6. She’s a writer, professional speaker, community and social media strategist, and has worked with businesses of all sizes to solve business problems through better communication and also founderBrasstackthinking.com. You can follow her

26 Liz Strauss is the founder SOBCon brand strategist, leadership trainer It’s only fun when it’s brilliant strategy, high return, AND connects customers in a meaningful way.

You can follow Her

27. Susan Oakes is the founder M4bmarketing.com M4B Marketing is about helping you be the successful head marketer of your business. Whether you are a solo business or someone you helps you with marketing, you are the one you sets the direction and makes the strategic decisions to get the results you desire.You can follow her

28. Sharon Hayes is the founder Sharonhayes.com Sharon is an Entrepreneur, Motivator, Domains Domainate.com, Email Marketing Listcast.com, @reply 4 follow ♥ music news tech fitness coffee green REI travel sushi smiles.You can follow her

29 Valeria Maltoni is the founder Conversationagent.com Valeria built one of the first online communities associated with Fast Company magazine. A brand strategist with 20 years of real-world global corporate experience, 10 of which online, she’s worked with Fortune 500 and small start up companies in 5 industries. Specialized in taking companies to what’s next in their business cycle through integrated marketing communications, customer insights, and brand advocacy. Her recent work delivered social strategy frameworks and action plans to renown CPG companies, and financial services firms. You can follow her

30 Ana Hoffman is the founder Trafficgenerationcafe.com Plain, simple, cutting-edge traffic generation strategies you can use in YOUR online marketing, right now – today! You can follow her

31 Tamar Weinberg is the founder Techipedia.com Tamar Weinberg is a freelance writer and author of The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web (O’Reilly, July 2009) who specializes in social media consulting and strategy, blogger outreach, reputation management, and search engine marketing (SEO, link building, and Pay Per Click Marketing). You can follow her

32. Kim Roach is the founder Buzzblogger.com She is a full-time Internet Marketer, making a living from this wonderful thing we call the Internet. Kim is also a Social Media Addict…Blogger…Bookworm…. and Running Nut. Follow her

33.Kim Sherrell is the founder Artwalk.tv ArtwalkTV is a fun way to share your passion and find out what’s going on in the art world. Members can set up a free profile and share art images, photography, and films using services like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Meet new contacts. Enjoy the benefits of a well-connected global audience. You can follow her

34. Sarah Prevette is the founder Sprouter.com Sprouter allows entrepreneurs to get curated answers to small business questions from people who know what they’re talking about. The site’s carefully chosen panel of experts provide advice on a variety of topics including law, marketing and funding. To ensure quality, answers aren’t crowdsourced, they’re gathered from proven experts. You can follow her

35. Shelly Kramer is the Founder and Chief Imagination Officer of V3im.comIntegrated Marketing and Kramer & Co, both headquartered in Kansas City, MO, and doing business with clients all over the world. A 20+ year marketing veteran, she’s a strategist, brand builder, deep thinker, information junkie, communicator extraordinaire, buzz builder and lover of all things related to digital marketing and social media. She laughingly refers to herself the “Chief Imagination Officer” because if you can or want to imagine something incredible happening with regard to your business, she’s the one you want to rely on to make it happen. You can follow her

36 Marcia Reynolds is the founder Burdenofgreatness.com Marcia Reynolds, PsyD and Master Certified Coach, is a globally-minded leadership coach and speaker who works with her clients to make necessary changes in their complex and evolving workplaces. She understands organizational cultures, what blocks communication and innovation, and what is needed to bring people together to collaborate for better results. She has an expertise in working with technical top-performers and with their leaders who need to engage their top talent completely and consistently. Her well-honed coaching perspective adds a keen strategic viewpoint to all issues her clients encounter.You can follow her

37. danah boyd is the founder zephoria.org social media scholar, youth researcher & advocate | Microsoft Research, Harvard Berkman Center.Follow her

38 Eve Mayer Orsburn hosts Social Mediad for the CEO weekly radio show which airs live every Friday at 10am CT. During the show Eve interviews high profile executives across all industries about emerging media, the state of their brand and inquires about what successful social media solutions have worked. You can follow her

39 Maggie Fox is the Founder/CEO SocialMediaGroup.com one of the world’s best-known social media agencies, est 2006. Clients include Ford SAP CNN Thomson Reuters Select Comfort.You can follow her

40. Edward Boches founder Edwardboches.com Chief Innovation Officer (formerly Chief Creative Officer and Chief Social Media Officer) at Mullen. That means it’s my job to constantly hack the system in an effort to inspire change and get people to embrace the new technologies, platforms and consumer behaviors necessary to create cool and relevant ideas for clients.You can follow her

41 Kikolani – Kristi Hines founder kikolani.com Kikolani is about the art of blogging – blogging tips, social networking strategies, and other useful information to help bloggers become more successful in blogging. You can follow her

42 Deborah Ng founder kommein.com former owner of the Freelance Writing Jobs network of blogs (sold to SplashPress Media in July 2010), and Conference Director for the BlogWorld and New Media Expo. You can follow her

43. Susan Gunelius President/CEO of keysplashcreative.com Inc. a marketing communications company. Author, speaker, branding/marketing/social media strategist, copywriter, blogger. ou can follow her

44 Viveka von Rosen is the founder linkedintobusiness.com Viveka von Rosen has made a career out of helping people.As CEO of Linked Into Business, Viveka enables business professionals to make personal connections in a professional manner. When her clients make strides in their careers, she has met her objective. You can follow her

45 Barbara Duke- Professional Encourager – Unapologetic Christian, GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME! Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January 2009.Cancer Free in November 2010!. You can read her blog thoughts-of-pink.blogspot.com . Follow her

46. Karen Adamedes is the founder careerchickchat.com CAREER STRATEGIST. Author of Hot Tips for Career Chicks. Speaker. Mentor. Blogger. Experienced sales and management professional. Love shoes!

47. Chia-Li Chien is the founder valuegrowthinstitute.com Chia-Li “like JOLLY!” Passionate leader of Small Biz Strategic Value creation & Implementation Mastery. Globetrotting Strategist, Speaker & Author.

48. Linda Hughes is the founder Entrepreneurcommunityonline.com She loves entrepreneurs – their inquisitive minds, fighting spirit & that persistence that moves mountains!. Follow her

49. Renee Blodgett PR is the founder magicsaucemedia.com Want to paint a new canvas? Talk to me. Branding, Social Media, PR, Marketing, Inspiration, Blogger, Coach, Rainmaker, Connector, Writer, Photographer,Innovator

50. BL Ochman is the founder whatsnextblog.com Managing Director of Emerging Media for WPP-owned Proof Integrated Communications, has been helping Fortune 500 companies strategically incorporate new media into their marketing mix since 1996. Follow her

51. Sally Falkow founder proactivereport.com She is a social media coach and I blog at The Proactive Report – a guide to social media and online PR. Follow her

52. Pam Dyer is the founder pamorama.net she is very interested in social marketing — the social media engagement model has enabled companies and organizations to interact with their target audiences in many new ways. Follow her

53. Scarlet Paolicchi is the founder familyfocusblog.com Mom. Blogger. Social Media Maven. I report on cool products, and websites with emphasis on going green, family fun, and giveaways. Follow her

54. Shauna Causey is the founder techmavens.com Tech evangelist Shauna Causey whips social media strategies into swimsuit-season shape. With over 15 years experience, her glittering roster includes the Seattle Mariners, FOX, Fox Sports Net and Comcast. You can follow her

55. Pam Moore is the founder pammarketingnut.com Half marketing, half geek, CEO, entrepreneur, social media speaker, best-selling author, coach, blogger, lover of Brand, God, Family, Friends, Beach & Life!. You can follow her 56. Kodak CB J Cisney founder jennycisney.1000words.kodak.com Kodak’s Chief Blogger & Social Media Manager. Photography, design & social media nut. Follow her

57. Debbie Weil founder Debbieweil.com 2.0 communicator, big thinker, speaker, publisher, tofu and soy lover (ha!), author THE CORPORATE BLOGGING BOOK updated edition. Follow her

58 Amy Vernon is the founder amyvernon.net and you can follow her

59. Amy D. Howell is the founder Howell-marketing.com TN Social Media, Howell Marketing Strategies CEO: (PR, Mktg, SM) Memphis SMC; Emerge Bd; Wife, Mom; TN River Rat, Grateful; Listed: Twitter Badass. Follow her

60. Deirdre Breakenridge is the founder Deirdrebreakenridge.com President of Mango! Marketing, author of PR 2.0 and Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, adjunct and professor. Follow her

61. Michelle Greer is the founder michellesblog.com Community Director at Gowalla. Lover of travel, music, art, film, and dark chocolate. Occasional international spy. Follow her

62. Stephanie Agresta is the founder stephanieagresta.com EVP, Managing Director of Social Media at Weber Shandwick. Author, speaker, co-founder of Techset. Follow her

63. Laurel Papworth is the founder laurelpapworth.com 20 yrs Online Community Manager, Goddess of the social media workshop, World of Warcraft player. Follow her

64. Holly Hanna is the founder theworkathomewoman.com Austin Work at Home Mom, Blogger & Woman Entrepreneur. The Work at Home Woman is an Award Winning Blog & Business Resource for Women & Moms who Work at Home!. Follow her

65. Sumaya Kazi is the founder sumayakazi.com Sumaya Kazi is an internationally recognized innovator, leader, speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. For her passion and success around her endeavors, Sumaya has been recognized by BusinessWeek as one of America’s “Best Young Entrepreneurs,” CNN as a “Young Person Who Rocks,” Silicon Valley Business Journal as a “Woman of Influence,” and most recently by UTNE Reader Magazine as one of “50 Visionaries Changing Your World. Follow her

66 Amy wettig is the founder getsocialwithamy.com Single mom of 1 girl,Tutu maker extraordinaire,Certified Life Coach,Feng Shui Expert, Social Media Goddess. Lets make your dreams come true. Follow her

67. Jessica Smith founder Jessicanow.com Online Marketing Director at @. Love talking about work life blending, flex work, telecommuting, & being a mom that works full-time. Forever learning. Follow her

68. C.D. Smith is the founder Thebossnetwork.org The BOSS Network is a Community of Professional and Entrepreneurial Women who Support Each Other through Conversation, Online and Event-Based Networking. Follow her

69.Kelly Scanlon is the founder ithinkbigger.com Publisher of media products designed to help growth-minded business owners reach the next level; national chair of National Association of Women Business Owners. Follow her

70. Wendy Meadley is the founder socialwendygroup.com Emerging Media PR Marketing News & Social PR Agency Lead | Build Social Conversations & Communities | Social Media Keynote | BCCCC Event Social Anthropolist MN. Follow her

71. Tina Cook is the founder tinacook.tv Social Media Marketing Mentor and Strategist and Guerrilla Marketing Coach love life by the Indian Ocean, photographing and creating inspiring visuals. Follow her

72. Corvida Raven is the founder shegeeks.net She teach people how to use technology in plain English. Tweet me your questions. Follow her

73. Ching Ya is the founder wchingya.com Social media enthusiast, Blogger, Freelancer (writing & FB Customization).Hope to build a network of info-sharing, discussions and friendship. Follow her

74. Mirna Bard is the founder mirnabard.com Hype-free Social Web & Biz Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Instructor of Social Media at UCI, Internet Addict. Passion 4 life!. Follow her

75. Connie Bensen is the founder conniebensen.com Community Strategist, Alterian SM2 (Techrigy) Named on Forbes.com as one of 20 top Women Social Media & Marketing Bloggers. Follow her

75. Carrie Wilkerson is the founder barefootexecutive.tv Consultant/Strategist for self-employed professionals & small business owners. Wife, Mom, Author, Speaker & Joyful Human!. Follow her

76 Amber Osborne is the founder missdestructo.com Destroyer of Social Media Boredom. Chief Blue Cheese/VP of Online Brand Development at Head Of Lettuce Media. Voted Tampa’s Best Twitter Personality. Follow her

77. Karolina Keshishyan is the founder karolinakeshishyan.com Previous Stock Broker and a Vice President. Currently mother of 3, self employed and an online entrepreneur. Follow her

78 Bridget Ayers is the founder http://thegetsmartblog.com President of Get Smart Web Consulting. Twitter Addict Focused on Interactive Marketing, Social Media, Digital Strategy, Tech, Web, Blogging. Follow her

79 Penelope Trunk is the founder penelopetrunk.com author, blogger, entrepreneur. You can follow her

80. Beth Kanter is the founder bethkanter.org Let’s talk about networked approaches & social media for training and capacity building for the nonprofit sector that leverage learning and impact. Follow her

81 Rieva Lesonsky is the founder smallbizdaily.comCEO GrowBiz Media Small-business advocate, journalist, best-selling author. Former editorial director of Entrepreneur magazine (20+ yrs). Follow her

82 Melanie Hetfield is the founder hetfield.co.uk Professional Tweeter for SOHO and Corporate Companies around the world from Margate, UK Twitter Training and Account Management programs available. Follow her

83 Kara Swisher Kara Swisher started covering digital issues for The Wall Street Journal’s San Francisco bureau in 1997 and also wrote the BoomTown column about the sector. Find out more http://kara.allthingsd.com and follow her

84 Stefanie Michaels is the founder http://www.adventuregirl.com Travel Expert- Adventure Girl at your service! Follow her

85 Jessica Swanson Is the founder shoestringmarketingkit.com Avid READER, Non-Stop WRITER, WINE Enthusiast, PHOTOGRAPHY Hobbiest, YOGA-Crazy, CHIHUAHUA Lover! Visit my website for your FREE Marketing Kit! Follow her

86 Wendy Piersall is the founder wendypiersall.com Serial entrepreneur. Unmanageably right-brained. Business geek. River rat. Imperfect mom. A little artsy-fartsy. Very ADD. And writing Mom Blogging for Dummies!. Follow her

87 Lori McNee is the founder finearttips.com artist/blogger,social media,poetic painter,quote junkie,novice photog,friend to birds/animals,busy mom living a healthy mountain life!. Follow her

88 Coree Silvera is the founder marketlikeachick.com Social Media Bloggerchick & Event Community Manager. Named on Forbes.com as one of 30 top Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter. Dreamer,motivator,mom of 4. Follow her

89 Vicki FlaugherB2BSocialMediaTraining.com B2B social media & online marketing implementation specialist by day, karaoke singing joy freak by night. Enjoy travel, creativity & those crazy interwebs. Follow her

90 Ekaterina Walter is the founder Ekaterinawalter.com Intel Social Media Strategist | Bookworm | Restless soul | Passionate about transcending cultural boundaries | Student of personal development | Connector | Speaker | Mother. Follow her

91 Michelle MacPhearson is the founder michellemacphearson.com SEOcial media marketing, Web 2.0, getting traffic and selling stuff like mad. Follow her

92 Lynn Terry is the founder clicknewz.com Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Internet Marketing Advisor. Author of ClickNewz.com. Follow her

93 Terry McMillan is the founder terrymcmillan.com writer,idealist,truth-seeker troublemaker, loyal friend, bad singer, textile designer. Follow her

94 Jenny Lawson is the founder http://thebloggess.com if you wish to get inspired and laugh then Jenny is there for you. You can follow her

95 Annegrete Krings I provide people with info about how to make money for free. Check out her site http://freemoney4ever.weebly.com and follow her

96 Amy Wood South Carolina based Interactive Anchor & Social Media/ Social TV Instigator. WSPA 7 On Your Side & WYCW’s Interactive News at10. Follow her

97 Janet Powers is the founder of divatoolbox.com Chief Executive Diva, National Radio Show Host: Committed to inspiring, educating and empowering women with the information they need to succeed. Follow her

98 Nina Kaufman is the founder askthebusinesslawyer.com Forbes Top 30 Women Entrepreneurs on Twitter | Demystifying small business law for entrepreneurs from an award-winning business lawyer, speaker, and blogger. Follow her

99 Manisha Thakor is the founder manishathakor.com Founder, Women’s Financial Literacy Initiative. Follow her

100 Melanie Strick is the founder successconnections.com CEO, fast-paced visionary leader, kick-butt biz mentor for entrepreneurs. New dog mommy trying to save her shoes. Craves Starbucks, exotic travel & spas. Follow her

101 Julie Henderson is the founder expectsuccessbeunstoppable.comPassionate about empowering entrepreneurial women to achieve success, attract clients. Love life, positive people, yoga. Author, Speaker, Business strategist. Follow her

102 Laura Belgray is the founder talkingshrimp.com Owner, Talking Shrimp Inc, for badass copywriting, branding, creative marketing and tv promos. Restaurant-dependent NYer; rabid fan of mostly lowbrow TV. Follow her

103 Britt Michaelian is the founder worksmartmompreneurs.com Radio host, artist, author, speaker, entrepreneur & coach who loves strategy, systems & helping people succeed in business & life. Follow her

104 Cheryl Burgess is the founder bluefocusmarketing.com Cheryl Burgess is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Blue Focus Marketing, a social branding consultancy, providing customized on-site social media strategy workshops. Cheryl is a creative and marketing technologist with expertise in social media and B2B marketing. Follow her

105 Anne Deeter Gallaher is the founder deetergallahergroup.com PA social media, CEO marketing/PR firm, IABC, founder Harrisburg Social Media Club, collector of great clients who value Powerful language. Smart marketing. Follow her

106 Jennifer Fortney is the founder cascadecomms.com PR expert, Owner Cascade Communications, blogger & lecturer showing how to grow using . KS gal at heart, Jayhawk, , music lover. Follow her

107 Randi Zuckerberg Randi leads Facebook’s consumer marketing team and social good initiatives. She manages projects related to media, politics, current events & non-profits. Follow her

108 Jessi Hempel she write about the Internet for Fortune Magazine. She want to know what people do on the web. http://www.fortune.com Follow her

109 Shira Lazar is the founder shiralazar.com Media Empress/spend less time being interesting + more time being interested in people + the world/Creator+Host on launching May 2011! Follow her

110 Natali Morris is the founder natalimorris.com Technology reporter, domestic diva, mommy. Follow her

111 Katie Couric works at http://www.cbsnews.com/katiecouric True journalism separates fact from fiction. Passionate about discovering what makes the world tick. I’m a Journalist, Anchor, Single Mom. Follow her

112 Claire Diaz Ortiz is the founder claire.us.com She lead social innovation and philanthropy at Twitter & wrote Twitter for Good (out 8/11) Me: MBA, Stanford/Oxford Grad, Skoll Fdn Fellow, Hope Runs founder. Follow her

113 Leila C. Janah is the founder leilajanah.com Samasource CEO & adventurette. Follow her

114 Ann Tran is the founder ann-tran.com Happily Married ♥ Spiritual Seeker. Enjoys Travel, Beaches, Wine, Hiking and Photographing Nature. Follow her

115 Amanda Rose is the founder amandarose.com canadian vagabond . entrepreneur . thinking global for . founder Follow her

116 Judy Hamilton is the founder itsjustjudyblog.com Founder/CEO of + entrepreneur, mobility geek, mother, wife, environmentalist and a passionate supporter of women in technology. Follow her

117 Wendy Marx is the founder marxcommunications.com Award-winning PR and marketing communications executive who helps B2B companies become well-known brands. Follow her

118 Liana ‘Li’ Evans is the founder searchmarketinggurus.com Online Marketing Geek Girl who Loves All Things Social Media!. Follow her

119 Naomi Dunford is the founder http://ittybiz.com I write. A lot. Too much, really. I made IttyBiz.com. Now I’m making something else. No, you can’t know what it is yet. Patience, people. Jesus Christ. Follow her

120 Shonali Burke As editor of Women Grow Business and head of her own consulting agency, Shonali Burke is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. She tackles topics that sometimes speak to the unique issues that women face, but mostly her insight is invaluable across the board. Follow her

121 Jennifer Leggio Mover, though admittedly not much of a shaker. ZDNet blogger. Security Twits herder emeritus. Hockey is love.http://about.me/mediaphyter Follow her

122 Shannon Paul is the founder veryofficialblog.com Social Media Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan , write about social media for business at Very Official Blog. Tweets are mine. Follow her

123 Sonia Simone is the founder Remarkable-communication.com writer; marketer; founder of remarkable communication; cmo of copyblogger media; parent; meditator; confused and fragile human being. Follow her

124 Susan Getgood is the founder Getgood.com/roadmaps Marketer with a passion for connecting companies with their customers through social media. Disclosure policy at getgood.com/ethics. Follow her

125 Kyran Pittman is the founder plantingdandelions.com Blogger, magazine writer, and author of Planting Dandelions: Field Notes from a Semi-Domesticated Life, coming Summer 2011 from Riverhead Books. Follow her

126 Laura Ries is the founder of http://www.ries.com marketing and branding strategist, bestselling author, blogger, speaker and media personality. Follow her

127 Kiesha Easley is the founder weblogbetter.comBlogging tips & Tricks. Christian blogger and consultant who loves to write and inspire others. Follow her

128 Lisa Creech Bledsoe is the founder Theglowingedge.com Writer, Media Ninja, Boxing Woman, Live Music Fanatic. Follow her

129 Ann’s Rants is the founder Annimig.com Stay-At-Home Humorist, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER founder: Writing quiets the horrendous children’s music in my head… photo by 2ndstreetphotography.com. Follow her

130 Tracy Beckerman is the founder lostinsuburbiablog.com Nationally syndicated humor columnist (Lostinsuburbia.net), mom blogger, and author of the book, Rebel without a Minivan: Observations on life in the ‘burbs. Follow her

131 molly Campbell is the founder mollydcampbell.com She has become mildly famous for falling off exercise balls and my shoes. I write in pjs. I have a cat named Salami. There is an accordion man in the cellar. Follow her

132 Marian Schembari is the founder marianlibrarian.com She does the social media thing for people while cutting through the BS. Less zen, more kung-fu. Blogger extraordinaire. Expat. Follow her

133 Brianna Karp is the founder Girlsguidetohomelessness.com Author of the Girl’s Guide to Homelessness – I’m just like you, but without the convenience of a permanent address. Just one of the many homeless in America. Follow her

134 Celestine Chua is the founder celestinechua.com She write at The Personal Excellence Blog on how to achieve our highest potential and live our best life. This is my passion; This is my life. Follow her

135 Marjorie Clayman is the founder margieclayman.com 3rd generation, Clayman Advertising. Expert Contributor for The Hip Roof. My creed: Give to get & love the giving part the most! I blog at margieclayman.com. Follow her

136 Alison Bolen blogs at http://blogs.sas.com/sascom Editor, blogs & social content for SAS; work shifter; folk music fan; mom of 3 kids in carseats; wife of hillbilly dreamer. (Opinions mine, not my employers.) Follow her

137 Catherine Hughes is the founder aweekinthelifeofaredhead.com Top blogger. Parenting humor blogger. Annoying to teenage son. Editor & Chief of www.8womendream.com Freelance writer. Showers with Pinot. Follow her

138 Beth Schillaci is the founder marketingroadhouse.com Analyst. Marketer. Author. Doer. Butcher. Baker. Candlestick-maker. Fromage Grande at VillageWorks. Data-monger. Pastry-lover. Follow her

139 Sloane Berrent is the founder thecausemopolitan.com Passionate about women’s issues, causes and innovation. Director of Digital Marketing for . Founder of The Causemopolitan and Help A Woman Out. Follow her

140 Colleen Wainwright is the founder communicatrix.com/policies/twitterColleen Wainwright is a writer-speaker-layabout who started calling herself “the communicatrix” when she hit three hyphens. Follow her

141 Tina Winslow Hudson is the founder tacticalmarketinglabs.com Social + Interest = Loyalty and building that interactively is what I love. Follow her

142 Leigh Duncan-Durst is the founder livepath.blogspot.com I help companies strategically extend their businesses using technology, good process, and the right people. Co-Curator

143 Venessa Miemis is the founder Emergentbydesign.com scouting the edge of technology & innovation. artist. network weaver. organizing . writing at Forbes. MA in Media Studies. Follow her

144 Jessica Northey is the founder fingercandymedia.com Social Media, Broadcasting, Country & Music Blogger/Writer, Speaker, On-Air Person with *lotsa* ality, Columnist for ALLACCESS, Founder/CEO-Finger Candy Media. Follow her

145 Anne Perschel is the founder Germaneconsulting.com Leadership psychologist. Creating psychologically savvy leaders. Unstoppable force advancing women leaders. Love how you toss the wisdom around on your posts. Follow her

146 Rebecca Thorman is the founder http://kontrary.com writes about the actual ideas evolving our digital lives. I question innovation, media, gender and more through the screens of technology. Follow her

147 Joanna Pineda is the founder theMatrixFiles.net CEO/Chief Troublemaker at Matrix Group International, Inc., an interactive agency; blogger; photographer; mom. Follow her

148 Mongoose Metrics is the founder Mongoosemetrics.com Marketing junkies sharing top intel about Web Analytics|Call Tracking|PPC|SEO|Social Media| Local/Mobile Search. Follow her

149 Christine Kane is the founder christinekane.com I’m a mentor to women who are changing the world with their business. Follow her

150 Kelly Watson is the founder Onewomanmarketing.com She is one woman on a mission to show the world that marketing your small business doesn’t have to suck. Follow her

151 Gina Trapani is the founder http://ginatrapani.org I make , , & This Week in Google. Formerly 2005-2009. Photo by . Follow her

152 Sarah Prout is the founder sarahprout.com Author of THE POWER OF INFLUENCE, lover of metaphysics, , entrepreneur, publisher () + creative spirit. Follow her

153 Heather Allard is the founder themogulmom.com The Mogul Mom is where you’ll learn how to run a home business, raise a family and rock both. Follow her

154 Ileane Smith is the founder Basicblogtips.com WordPress blogging and tech tips! Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, YouTube, CommentLuv and get even more tutorials on Basic Blog Tips!. Follow her

155 Mona McClelland is the founder meetmonamcclelland.com Your Abundant Life Guide, Author of 7 Steps to More Time, Money and Love. Are You Tired of Co-Starring in Your Own Life? Follow her

156 CamMi Pham Money Matchmaker| Social Media Networker|Charity Warrior|Fashionista|Life Explorer|Tea Drinker|Sister of a Little Monster. Follow her

157 Mavis Nong is the founder Attractionmarketingonline.com Born to serve & make a difference. Internet Marketing Diva & Serial Entrepreneur. Sharing strategies to success. Living my dream! Follow me to the top! Follow her

158 Elli StGeorgeGodfrey is tne founder Abilitysuccessgrowth.com Coaching SMB’s to stay sane, plan, act, measure & build business they really want. Speaker. Follow her

159 Deborah Shane is the founder Trainwithshane.com Author, Entrepreneur, Radio Host, Speaker, Career Expert. Advocate & Catalyst and lover of positive, energetic people who give, share, connect and care. Follow her

160 Lani Voivod is the founder Epiphaniesinc.com How can I possibly tell u about my li’l social mktg ‘n success strategies biz when ur sooo darn good lookin’? Total distraction. Follow her

161 Debbie Harris Store Owner, Actress, Model, Musician – Natl Honor (Music Guild), Writer – #1 NY Times Bestseller Exper, Hourglass, Menus, Buttons, Splash Screens – My Ideas. Follow her

162 Lisa Nicole Bell is the founder lisanicolebell.com Media Maven + Entrepreneur | I create. I write. I speak. I catalyze. I improve on the silence. | Lover of God, People, Travel, Books, Design, Tokyo & Laughing. Follow her

163 Lea Woodward is the founder leawoodward.com Location independent. Exploring what it means to become a pioneer of your own life at Kinetiva.com. Crafting About pages at DotNetConnector.com. Follow her

164 bernadettedoyle is the founder clientmagnets.com Small business marketing expert with BIG IDEAS – passionate about helping people create multiple streams of income. Follow her

165 Kat Simpson(katskloset ) Mama Entrepreneur ~ Radio Show Host ~ Blogger ~ Consultant. Follow her

166 Lolly Daskal is the founder lollydaskal.com Speaker|Author|Motivator| Passionate about Empowering others to become their Best Successful Self. Follow her

167 Karen Keller is the founder karen-keller.com Loves Influence & Persuasion. Teaches Leadership Skills & Women Empowerment. Executive, Business, Life coach. Author/Speaker. Influence Starts Here! Follow her

168 Pam Lawhorne is the founder pamlawhorne.com self-proclaimed social networking junkie who loves working with people who have a strong interest in social media & what it can do to help drive their business. Follow her

169 Wendy Kenney is the founder http://23kazoos.com I get to work with awesome people every day in my marketing and publicity firm. Love my family, dogs, and local food! Marketing speaker. Follow her

170 Evelyn Parham is the founder Evelynparham.com Vegan, Blogger & Video Blogger. I love: reading, writing, singing, natural hair and helping others become healthier, one step at a time. Follow her

171 Kimberly LeRiche is the founder jkvirtualoffice.com Keepin’ the addiction alive as a Social Media and Internet Marketing Assistant. Follow her

172 Kimberly Wadsworth is the founder my-personal-secretary.com Social Media Manager & VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to Corp Businesses, CEO’s, Authors, Realtors/Investors, Pro-Athletes & Speakers. Follow her

173 Scarlet Paolic is the founder Momswearyourtees.com Social Media Marketing and small business tips. Resources for entrepreneurs and WAHMs. 2011 StartupNation Leading Moms in Biz Winner. Follow her

174 Sue Clement is the founder sueclement.com Int’l speaker, author & referral expert helping biz owners simplify their marketing & get more clients. Love fast cars, ocean waves, Darby my Wire Fox Terrier. Follow her http://twitter.com/SuccessCoaching

175 Tamara Monosoff is the founder mominventors.com Mother of two girls, Founder of MomInvented.com. Media Contributor, Speaker, Author & Passionate about Helping Women Achieve Their Goals! Anything is Possible. Follow her

176 Doris Helge is the founder coachingbydoris.com This certified coach is passionate about empowering people to shine their very special light on planet Earth. We all have a unique role to play!. Follow her

177 Cathy Presland is the founder cathypresland.com Taking your business to extraordinary. A unique mix of expertise & mentoring to fire up your business. Follow her

178 Kate Wilber is the founder Themarketingmomma.com Loves Social Media, Owner of Bold Branding, Specializing in helping Women In Business Build their brand online in an effective and affordable way! Follow her

179 Kristine Putt is the founder paragonmoon.com Small Biz Passionista! Brand Designer. Brand Strategist. Incurable Fontaholic. Wishful Gardener. Pragmatic Idealist. Follow her

180 Stephanie Nelson is the founder couponmom.com Follow her

181 Martina Iring is the founder Martinairing.com Small business cheerleader. My bliss? Online marketing for the little guys! Rejoice in positivity, eco-anything and simply being. Follow her

182 Samantha Gluck is the founder Houstoncopywriters.com A pro copywriter, blogger, & digital journalist & owner of All Media Freelance, LLC. Follow her

183 Eren Mckay is the founder EmbracingHome.com Mom to 3 boys who loves God, has a sense of humor, is a bit weird, and tweets about spiritual encouragement, family, SEO and helpful resources for your website. Follow her

184 Abbie Tanner is the founder Abusinessinnovation.com a marketing and business development consultancy for clients in financial and other professional services. Follow her

185 Belinda Weaver is the founder Copywritematters.com Writer of engaging copy for any business size (online & offline marketing). Fan of of pet chickens, great cups of tea and short weeks. Follow her

186 Yuwanda Black is the Founder/SEO Content Manager atNewmediawords.biz an SEO writing company. Publisher of SeoWritingJobs.com a tips/help site for SEO writers. Follow her

187 Julie Hall is the Founder and Editor of Women Unlimited women-unlimited.co.uk Supporting and driving entrepreneurship for women. Motivation, inspiration, collaboration, creating success together. Follow her

188 Keren Lerner is the founder Topleftdesign.com Design company run by Keren Lerner – designer, networker, and business person. Follow her

189 Tamsin Fox-Davies is the founder Enthusemarketing.co.uk Small business marketing mentor, consultant, speaker & trainer. Helping entrepreneurs with marketing. Follow her http://twitter.com/tamsinfd

190 Cindy Bates is the Vice President of US Small, Medium Business and Distribution at Microsoft http://partner.microsoft.com Follow her

191 Janine Popick is the CEO and co-founder of verticalresponse.com a leading self-service email marketing provider to over 100,000 small businesses worldwide. Follow her

192 Laurel Touby is the founder Mediabistro.com you can follow her

193 Ivana Taylor is the founder Diymarketers.com Where busy Small Biz CEOs go to for quick, easy and powerful marketing strategies. Follow her

194 Sherryl Perry is the founder keepupwiththeweb.com she blog common-sense & low-cost tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Follow her

195 Teresa de Grosbois is the founder wildfirews.com Relationship Marketing Expert, International Speaker, Bestselling author & philanthropist. I tweet quotes, word of mouth tips & fun facts. Follow her

196 Silvia Pencak is the founder mymagneticblog.com Brand Strategist and Small Business Branding Expert striving to help you build a magnetic brand and attract your ideal clients to you. Stand Out & Thrive. Follow her

197 Audra Carpenter is the founder Audracarpenter.com Real Entrepreneurs talkin’ about Real Stuff. Follow her

198 E-File Florida Experienced Tax Problem Solver at Efileflorida.com (Go ahead~Google us!) Love sharing life with family~friends & my doggies! Oh, and a GOOD glass of wine! Follow her

199 Gail Gardner is the founder Growmap.com GrowMap is all about helping you grow your business or blog. Cross our path with quality content and we’ll share it across Social Networks. Follow her

200 Staci Wallace is the founder http://Emwomen.com EMwomen is an organization dedicated to empowering women through weekly online seminars, life empowerment trainings, live events, and global aid efforts. Follow her

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