5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Without SEO

If you want to make money with your blog, you have to at least do <em>some</em> optimizing. However, there are many ways you can promote your content that don’t require you to research keywords, tirelessly build inbound links, or use other SEO techniques. Focusing on these methods in addition to SEO allows you to market your blog in several ways at once, increasing the total number of people that see your content.

 Guest Posts


Although guest posts do affect your standing with Google PageRank or Technorati by linking directly to your blog, they can have several other benefits as well. Writing a guest post can be one of the best ways to reach new readers, especially if your post is accepted by a blog that is similar in topic to yours. Guest posts can also be good sources of new RSS subscribers. Regardless of how, guest posts allow you to showcase your content without having to convince readers to visit your blog.


The effectiveness of guest posts varies depending on the size and readership of the host blog, but they are generally beneficial for both parties involved. As such, you shouldn’t be afraid to pitch a post idea to a blog that is much larger than your own, as even the bigger blogs can benefit from increased traffic and new perspectives. That said, you should always try to make sure any guest posts you submit are of the highest quality you can manage. These posts are essentially advertisements for your blog, so it’s important to attract readers with thought-provoking, informed content.


Traditional Marketing


Many blogs neglect traditional marketing techniques in favor of online methods, but the “old ways” can still be effective for promoting your blog and building your profile. For instance, you could order color brochures to distribute at public events, or print off a stack of fliers to hang up around town. You could also create custom stickers advertising your blog – a common guerrilla marketing technique.

 A more professional technique involves creating business cards. Business cards allow you to easily present yourself as a professional in your field and provide those you meet with a physical reminder of your blog. Today, business cards come in many forms in additional to traditional card stock varieties. If you wish to appear more professional while demonstrating your creativity, you could order magnetic, plastic or even metal business cards at a website such as BusinessCards.org




YouTube allows you to easily reach thousands of potential readers by posting high quality videos that draw people back to your blog. Likewise, you can use your blog to promote your YouTube channel, creating traffic between both accounts. Your blog and YouTube channel will strengthen one another if both are of high quality.


There are several ways YouTube videos can result in higher traffic for your blog. Obviously, you want to create videos that people will actually want to watch. Making a “how-to” video for something related to your niche can be a great way to gain exposure. You should include a link to your blog in your profile, but also in the description of every video you post. Additionally, you can use YouTube’s text overlay feature to tell viewers to visit your blog for more content. This tells viewers about your website without seeming too much like an advertisement.




Twitter represents a powerful promotional tool, and using it in conjunction with your blog can boost your readership considerably. Twitter allows you to release news or generate links to your blog posts automatically, but it can also be used for quick and easy communication with your readers. Use your Twitter account to ask questions to your fans. When they respond and retag you in their tweet, those who visit your Twitter page may notice the link to your blog and become readers.




Simply purchasing advertising on other blogs or websites can be a great way to get your blog noticed. Although expensive, you could advertise on a well-known blog like Gawker or BuzzFeed to make sure that you expose your blog to a large volume of people. Alternatively, you could advertise on a smaller but more targeted blog. This is generally much cheaper and restricts your advertising to a demographic that is already interested in the type of content your blog offers. There are numerous payment models for online ads, with one common method requiring the owner of the ad to pay its host a certain amount of money for each user that clicks through (cost per click, or CPC.



You could also advertise on websites other than blogs. For instance, Facebook allows you to advertise to select demographics, choosing only those users who are most likely to visit your blog. For instance, you could specify that your ad appears only to American males between the age 20 and 35. You can further tweak the settings to specify that those of a certain education level or marital status will be excluded. If you know enough about your market, this can be a powerful way to reach out to potential readers.

35 thoughts on “5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Without SEO

  1. Videos are a nice touch, and also using advertising to promote your blog. Also, I’ve seen more bloggers giving freebies – and it seems to help.

  2. No I don’t agree to this. This of course is not a good idea to go with because in the process of SEO the traffic that would be generated on your website would be a real good and quality traffic but for the traffic that could be found on face book and twitter would only get you a lot of likes and comparatively would not be able to pull in customers for your products. So now tell me what’s more better?

  3. Now marketing through other sources and that too without the use of SEO is also possible. For those who do not have a big business on the internet and cannot afford to implement the process of Search Engine Optimization over their website can surely use the other means available. These modes of promoting your blogs and websites are as good as using the process of SEO.

  4. Yes I was aware of Social Media and its use in promoting the blogs but I have never come across anything called as Guests posts. Moreover, even for that matter traditional marketing did not click my mind. It’s completely a new concept for me. I wish I would have known about them before then I would surely have utilized all of them while promoting my blog.

  5. Some of these are just too good. I like the first point which describes all about the guest posts. This is truly an amazing blog. You tube is something I have never heard about to be used instead of the process of Search Engine Optimization. These tips are actually good for those who do not wish to follow the process of SEO.

  6. Hey I wasn’t aware that there are many other ways to carry on with the process of Search Engine Optimization. I think for those who are not aware of the Search Engine Optimization would be surely practicing these methods which are stated above. Good that I read this blog for now I know that there are many other ways for you to go on with advertising and promoting your product.

  7. Wonderful! Now that those who cannot afford their website to go through the process of search engine optimization can surely try these methods. I think this would be a wonderful idea. The idea of traditional marketing is also good. Also sharing some of the videos of your business or your product on you tube will help you to create brand awareness in the eyes of the customers and you will be able to compete with others with SEO.

  8. These are all the old formulas which people used to follow when the process of Search Engine Optimization was not been discovered. I think it would be good enough to use the latest technology as I think the Search Engine Optimization will provide you much more faster and better results and quick responses on your website than the traditional and the non- internet means.

  9. In my opinion, advertising would be a good option and that it would ensure that the awareness gets spreaded everywhere. Also I think the traditional way of advertising would not be a bad option. Guests post is something new that I have heard of. Anyways I am sure that even Guest posts might prove to be of good help for promotion.

  10. I never thought that there are many ways out to promote your blogs without the help of the process of Search Engine Optimization. This would be the best things out which would help the bloggers to save some money instead of spending on such processes. To my knowledge I even suppose that these processes are important as they will give you faster results as compared to the traditional ways.

  11. I have tried marketing my products through the process of Traditional Marketing. But I have not yet used Twitter nor do I have any account on Twitter. I think I should try the methods of face book, twitter and also you tube. May be these methods may help me out with my business. Also I am glad to know that there are many other ways apart from the process of Search Engine Optimization.

  12. I think these traditional means of blogging would surely be helpful as it does not require us to carry out the process of Search Engine Optimization. But these means are too slow and require more of manpower to get the work complete while the process of Search Engine Optimization is comparatively better than the traditional approach for marketing your products, business, blogs and articles over the internet.

  13. I wonder how Guest Posts would help. All of the other tips and ways are good and also I think we would save a lot of time by following all of these traditional tips instead of following the process of Search Engine Optimization. Also the process of SEO is a very lengthy process and requires you to put cent percent focus on your website and the rankings that every site has. You need to keep updating with all the online ranking and position of yours and others website.

  14. Now all of us have entered into a competitive era where we have a lot of competitors competing with each other in the market. You cannot just be a single player in the market. So to be in the top results on the internet when a person is trying to search you is now only possible when your business undergoes the process of Search Engine Optimization. Its only then that you can expect your business to be a profitable one.

  15. The traditional means of marketing the products and the business well over the internet is something that even I was looking for. But I did not have an idea as to how to get started with it and which traditional means to go with in case I don’t want to go over budget and spend unnecessary on the process of SEO. I think traditional means would be enough for me to market my products as my business is under the grown phase.

  16. I am an SEO expert. I know what it means if you are planning to go for an SEO process. I get tired with the process of SEO but I don’t have an option as this is my profession. It’s a very lengthy process and we are looking out for something that will help us to reduce the pressure on us. But trust you me for those who are opting for this process will for sure achieve success in the business.

  17. It’s not possible to have a good amount of revenue without implementing the process of Search Engine Optimization on your website. I understand that some of you may still want to go for the in expensive way of creating brand awareness i.e. through the traditional methods but there are less possibilities of earning profits through such means and methods.

  18. I liked the idea of using you tube, twitter and other advertising methods to help in promoting blogs through SEO. But the idea of using the traditional methods is what I did not like. Traditional methods like ordering for banners and distributing them to people on the local stations and other public places is something very traditional and un profitable because people passing by will never entertain such kind of publicity and this will create a cheap impression in the minds of the people.

  19. Some of the writers consider blogging as their hobby while some of them consider it as their profession. Profession would mean earning money through their blogs. So for such people SEO would be a very important factor. But here there are some great tips which will help in making your blogs successful without the help of Search Engine Optimization. I think amongst these you tube and Guest post would prove to be a very good tool.

  20. I feel that Guest posts would not work in all situations. Suppose if you have written a guest post for a blog which does get good amount of traffic over it. It would be utter waste of time and then you would be pressurized to opt for some other alternatives. Also I feel you tube, face book and twitter would help you to promote your blog more easily in comparison to the others.

  21. I wonder whether you tube will really help in conveying the message to all. Spreading awareness will be greatly done by traditional marketing, blogs and guests posts. Also I don’t think that you tube will be able to spread its message over the huge mass of audience as not all of the quality users will be able to have access over the same time.

  22. Yes even these days I see a lot of businessmen and traders trying to promote their sites or blogs without the help of the process of Search Engine Optimization. Some of them might get success in their business without using SEO while some of them will still be at the same position. So it would be better to implement the process of SEO always.

  23. Yes I feel that you can always try to promote your blog well without the process of Search Engine Optimization. I would say that it would be a waste if we are trying to promote without SEO because this is the next inn and so we see everybody following the process of SEO to get recognized in the market. How would a person ever try to be successful by trying the traditional methods where they already know that they have super quick and guaranteed options available?

  24. Yes there are a lot of people to be seen on you tube these days. But honestly speaking there are a lot of other sites where you get more traffic than you tube. Then I think that it would be better to get access over the social media sites like face book and LinkedIn which have more traffic than any other sites. RSS feeds also are able to drag good amount of traffic over its site for that matter.

  25. Seems like all of these tips would be very helpful in avoiding the use of Search Engine Optimization. But I still think that Instead of working hard and putting in so much of efforts on the various tips mentioned above, it would be better to invest that much amount of time behind the process of Search Engine Optimization as this would give you good results than the other local tips.

  26. Guest Posts are what I think would work in the best way and give you opportunities to promote your business without implementing the process of Search Engine Optimization. These days twitter and face book are gaining a lot of popularity because of millions and billions of people getting access to such social sites. Social sites are the best to advertise on as they are cheaper than other places to advertise.

  27. In my opinion, it is impossible to have your products promoted well in the market without the help of Search Engine Optimization. These days the process of SEO has become the basic necessity of all the website owners in case they are curious to have their website get a good ranking and a good position of the search result pages.

  28. I have 5 different verticals in my business. So thinking about implementing the process of SEO on every vertical would be very expensive. I think it would be a great idea to use the above mentioned 5 tips as all of them would not require the help of Search Engine Optimization and also it would be very cost effective at the same time to all of the verticals.

  29. Yes I don’t say No to it that promoting your blog without SEO is not possible. In fact it is completely possible but the only difference is that it will not be as effective and as productive as the process of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the process which helps you with quick process completion and gives you fruitful results.

  30. I wonder how guest posts apart from writing on your friend’s blog would help in promoting your blog without the help of Search Engine Optimization. It would be very difficult to do so. Apart from the Guest posting, I feel the social networking sites like face book, YouTube, twitter, orkut and LinkedIn would help more than the other options available.

  31. No I don’t think that any of these methods will help in promoting your blog without the help of the process of Search Engine Optimization. I feel somewhere or the other SEO will have to come in the picture. Also face book and other social networking sites will only be able to target a part of the market and not the whole. So it would be better to have SEO implemented.

  32. Apart from just participating in your friends blog there are some other guest blogging sites which can allow you to write over the other clients blogs and express your view. Myguestblog is such a site where you get to know and interact with a lot of people who can help you to promote your blogs without the process of SEO.

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