8 Simple Ways to Advertise Online

This was a guest post written by Elizabeth C.  She is the editor for FindBizcards.com a small business credit card / business blog helping small business owners around the globe.

We all know that the World Wide Web is a large space that generates thousands of pages daily, as well as draws billions from around the world on a daily basis.  We all know that where people are, there is going to be money.

While you may be excited about your new website, you’re going to find that if you don’t know how to market it, no one is going to find you.  You could have the best site known to man, and without the proper advertising, your site is going to more than likely draw zero visitors.

I wanted to share with you some techniques that I have used with many of my sites, as well as various clients.  The methods below should help you generate a good amount of traffic that is well targeted.

#1 Advertise on Craigslist – This is a fantastic way to draw local traffic that is targeted to your needs.  As long as you’re not spamming, and you create a fantastic sales pitch based ad, you will find that you can get a great amount of traffic.  The key is to know spam here!

#2 PPC – Read more into PPC because you will find that there are many places that you can set up advertisements.  You pick the keywords, you create the ad, and every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you will have to pay.  While there is A LOT more to it than this, look more into PPC to see if it’s something that your business can use.

#3 SEO – Again, this is very broad just like PPC.  While organic traffic is free, it is going to take a lot of hard to rank your site.  Even though it pays off huge dividends in the long haul, you’re going to want to know that you can’t rank overnight, so don’t play any games here!  This is something that you will want to read more into to learn more about it.

#4 Forums – No matter what niche you’re in, you’re going to find that there are many message boards out there.  A great way to promote your website is simply by adding a small link in your signature.  Add great content, as well as not spam, and this can not only give you a reputation, it can help draw traffic!

#5 Guest post – Just like I’m doing now, reach out to other bloggers to see if they will take your content.  Add a simple link to your author byline, and hope for the best!  It’s a great way to build brand awareness, as well as drive traffic to your blog / site.  Try out services such as BloggerLinkUp.com  and MyBlogGuest.com  to find bloggers looking for people like you.

#6 Facebook – This one kind of goes alongside with the PPC and with some of my sites what I was able to do was create a fan page.  With that fan page, I would then advertise it on the PPC platform targeting people in my niche.  When people would land on my fan page, I would incentivize them to sign up.  You can do this by either offering a coupon, a free trial, etc.  Trust me, it does work great.

#7 Article Directories – There are some great article directories out there that can draw in some traffic, as well as help with your backlinks.  Sites such as EzineArticles, as well as GoArticles and more are a great source to use to not only build up brand awareness, but again, help draw people to your site.

#8 Reach out to the press – Sites such as HelpAReporter.com are a fantastic source where you can actually reach out to various media outlets.  Reporters will ask for help, and if you think you can help them out, they will list you as the source.  This is a great way to get your site on huge properties such as the Wall Street Journal and more.

Honestly, with the Internet, you’re going to find that there are so many ways to advertise your website.  Have persistence, don’t give up  and I can promise you that great things are going to come to you in the long haul.

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  1. Yes I agree that these tips will help in successful advertisement online. All you need to do is just follow all of the above mentioned tips in case you are trying to get more traffic over your website and Web Pages. I think the Pay per click method is the best as it will not only help you to gain traffic over your site but also at the same time will ensure that you even get paid for it. Later this money you can always use to pay off to your advertisers.

  2. Advertising through blogs and blog comments is also now possible. You can always ensure that you have good keywords for your products and then when you write any comment or participate in any forum or blog, you can always link your keywords to the webpage of your website. This is what most of the companies do these days in order to gain some awareness in the market.

  3. These ways will surely get you some good means of getting to advertise online. Online business is growing at a rapid pace and so in order to maintain the position and stability in the online market every marketer would want their business to be advertised online. For this I think all the above mentioned eight points will always help in making a business successful.

  4. According to me face book is always been the best option as this would help to advertise online because I feel that’s the cheapest mode to advertise over the internet. The last option would be very expensive as compared to others as this would lead to a lot of unnecessary expenses. Even for that matter I think you tube is a good option to advertise your products.

  5. I think if you have a website online and you keep updating your website every time then you can always ensure you advertise all your products well on your website. This would ensure that you have your advertisement done for free and that too on your webpage and your blogs. I think this is what is been followed by most of the businessmen.

  6. Social bookmarking sites is also a great way to advertise online. If you look at the top of this article you will see a little box that says “share”. If you click on it you will see several options to share this article on several social book marking sites.

  7. Hi Valentine,
    What an excellent list for newbies to market their websites. Very good explanations, as well. And, you are absolutely right about Facebook and the other social media. They are fantastic. They just have to be willing to work hard, stay fresh and consistent and it will happen for them. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  8. For me reaching out to the press would be the last option that I would go for. Also I think there are better options available than this for instance face book and twitter which will always prove to be fruitful and would help in spreading the message faster and in an easier manner. Also these methods would help in conveying the message to a large slot of audience comparatively.

  9. The PPC method is where you will get to know about a lot of advertisements which will help you in advertising online effectively. Also advertising online can be done through several mediums like participating in forums, blogs and guest posts which will ensure that you have get good visibility online. I would have preferred choosing these ways to advertise my product online.

  10. The cheapest way of advertising online is to participate in blogs and forums. Comment on the shared information. Share your views and ideas and also at the same time link your name with your products. By this I mean you should mention a link of all your products in your signature. This is what everybody does in order to have a cost cutting of the unnecessary expenses on advertising.

  11. Myblogguest.com is the best way in which a person can advertise online. All you need to do is register yourself there and keep logging in every day and check whether you receive any offers related to the particular department that you have chosen on to. Also I feel that the Pay per click method is the best as it would help in determining the ways in which you can advertise online and even at the same time make some money on every click that you get over your website or WebPages.

  12. I agree that these are the best of the ideas to help you advertise online. Guest blogging has drastically captured the market and yes it has proved to be the best and the cheapest idea to help you advertise online. Blog commenting and participating in forums would also be a good option for those who are aware of participating in such events.

  13. According to me, face book is the best medium to help you to advertise your products online. Products can be advertised online with the help of these options. Also apart from the social networking sites I think the other options like participating in forums and also blog posts and guest blogging will also help in advertising your product online.

  14. Speaking of article directories, business directories are a great way too. Basically 192.com or Thompson local, whatever are places you can list your company and their details. Say you are Sally’s Cupcakes and you have offices in New York and San Diego. You can list your address, telephone number and specific website landing page for that local NYC / Diego branch. The reason this is good is that a) someone using the directory can obviously find you and convert to a lead / sale, but b) Google and other search engines use high quality directories to compile their Google places data in meta results or Google maps. This way, maybe when someone searches cupcakes in NYC in Google maps, perhaps your business is hosted there.

  15. Great post, but i have question about other social networks, what about twitter? Or google plus? Is it worth to advertise there?

    You can also try to advertise on youtube.com, just make a short video and tag it with right words, it will sure be in SERPS so anyone will find it.

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