How to Apply For a Taxpayer Identification Number?

To be a legal United States citizen, it is necessary to apply for a TIN number. The IRS must have this number on file in order to keep track of your tax payments. This is a number provided by either the social security administration and the internal revenue service. Your TIN will need to be used when you file taxes or attempt to claim treaty benefits. In order to successfully obtain a TIN you must first complete form SS-5 to get your social security card. This can be done online, in person or over the phone with documentation that proves you are a legal citizen.

The TIN application is accessible online and the form can be filled out once you know your social security number. Whether obtaining a Tax ID number for company or personal needs, the online form can be completed in 3 steps. Visit and easily begin the application process. The site provides a simple and secure connection and even offers an application assistant to help you along the way. It promises your taxpayer identification number quickly after your application has been improved. The form only requires basic knowledge about yourself or your business and doesn’t require too much time to complete.

If you are applying as a business, you will need to know your EIN number as well before proceeding. The tax ID number serves as a vital component when filling out tax forms, statements and securing one’s identity. This number helps enable you to work in the United States and file taxes yearly. Essentially, this sequence of digits tells the government if you are paying your taxes and living by the rules. As long as you’re able to obtain a social security card, getting your TIN is simple.



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