Best Driving Roads in the UK

People in the USA drive as a necessity. The distances between places are just too big to manage them any other way. However, there are people who drive for the sheer love of driving.

These people typically have vintage cars that they take care of and maintain. IF you’re one of these people, you probably have a favorite route. But have you considered taking your driving international? The UK has some impressive roads which you are sure to enjoy. And while you’re there, you can see some of these famous sights of the UK

Newquay to Padstow, England

The scenic road is located in Cornwall, England, and it snakes along the coast of southwestern England. It can offer ample driving challenge with hairpin bends, followed by long stretches of straight road, ideal for enjoying amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and the pristine beaches and jagged cliffs.

The Evo Triangle, Wales

This is one of the most notorious roads in the UK. Surrounded by steep and unforgiving stone walls, this road can really motivate you to put your game face on and give it your best. The road consists of short straights followed by sharp corners, so every proper gearhead should visit this road at least once.

The surrounding villages and moors are scenic and ideal for filming various car testing segments, so it is often used by car journalists.

Black Mountain Pass, Wales

This long and windy road is a challenging drive which crosses the Brecon Beacons National Park. Even though the scenery is picturesque and amazing, you should really keep your eyes on the road because this road boasts narrow and sharp turns and, since it is in Wales, sheep are known to wander onto the asphalt.

Bealach Na Bà, Scotland

If you are struggling to read the name of this road, it’s because its name is in Scottish Gaelic. The name means the Pass of the Cattle; not as cool sounding as the Gaelic original. The views of Scottish highlands along this road are simply breathtaking, although the weather can often be less than ideal in this part of the UK. The road itself is full of hairpin bends and the road surface is not ideally flat, so a considerable driving skill is required to manage this road.

Antrim Coast Road, Northern Ireland

Another coastal road, this time in Northern Ireland, the Antrim Coast Road is not as challenging as the other roads on this list. It does, however, make it up with the scenic views around it.

If pleasure drives are more your thing, look no further; it offers tranquil views of the sea and the golden sand beaches on one side, whereas you can enjoy the idyllic natural beauty of Northern Ireland’s countryside.

Mountain Road, Isle of Man

Leaving aside the technical legal status of the Isle of Man, this island located in the Irish Sea has many great roads to offer. There is even an annual motorcycle race across the island, the Tourist Trophy.

The roads on the island are almost invariantly well paved and maintained. You can expect amazing views of both the countryside and the coastline, depending on the route you choose. There’s no speed limit on the island, but don’t get carried away. The roads have stone barriers around them and there are plenty of sharp corners and bends. Coupled with a moderate amount of traffic on most roads, caution and alertness are required.

Driving in the UK sounds fun, and it’s even more fun when you can bring your favorite car along with you. Just keep in mind that they drive on the left side of the road.

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