Best Finance Apps for Business Owners

Business owners wear a lot of hats. Even with a hard-working support staff, there is always something to be done, meetings to attend, and reports to analyze. Here are some helpful finance apps every business owner should know about.

Google Analytics

The app uses a swipe-gesture interface to toggle between screens, and allows you to track your website’s traffic and analyze success of your site. This makes the process of improving and optimizing websites infinitely simpler. Use this app to gauge the impact of your advertising and mobile strategies, as well as track sales. The on-the-go set up lets you see all of your dashboard stats and goal alerts.



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Expensify makes it easier to keep track of expense reports by automating the process, and supplying full reports. You can have employees sync the app with their credit card accounts, and track spending in real time. For cash purchases that are not eligible for e-receipts, simply snap a picture of the receipt and the app will get to work converting it to the expense report.

Add any mileage or fuel expenses using the GPS feature, or entered manually, making the report exhaustive of an entire trip’s expenses. Indicate through the app the type of purchases that should be included in the report, as well as the timeframe, and it can even be set up to reimburse employees directly into their checking accounts.

A program that breaks down and analyzes a company’s spending and expenses makes it easier to spot inconsistencies. This could help you spot any major issues before they become career-ending financial mistakes. Winston & Strawn’s Tim Broas specialize in cases like these.

Available for all Android and Apple devices, this app is a must have for business owner and their staff.

Bloomberg App


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Business owners can stay abreast of developments in the finance industry with the convenient Bloomberg app. Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android, this app is a one stop shop for stocks, bonds, financial news, and podcasts. If you’re particularly interested, the Bloomberg Businesweek App, which is free for Bloomberg Businessweek subscribers, was recently launched, and features the weekly magazine in its entirety.



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This innovative cloud-based financial tracking service’s mobile app pulls information from businesses’ bank and credit card accounts to compile an online platform, providing an accurate snapshot of the company’s financial standing. It even forecasts and provides tips for budget changes to help business owners stay on their toes financially. Check this one out today and see how it can help you organize your budget. There is also a receipt scanning feature for cash transactions.

While it won’t replace your accounting department, this program offers a clear picture of your company’s financial standing. The free account option tracks up to 50 transactions every 30 days. If you like the free version, there are options to purchase a more advanced setup.

If you’d like to better understand your company’s finances and get a clearer picture of where it’s heading, this app is definitely worth checking out.

As a business owner, it’s very important to be in tune and acutely aware of your company’s financial standings. These apps will make it much easier to keep track of everything your company does financially. Which finance apps do you find most helpful?

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