Where Can I Get Help Studying For My CFA Exam?

The CFA is an intimidating exam, but now that you’ve decided on your career path, you should approach this test with determination, not fear. This means arming yourself with enough study materials to approach the test with confidence. Here are a few good places to look for CFA self-study materials:

The Library: This may sound a bit old fashioned, but your local library probably has plenty of free CFA self-study materials. You will have to check the publication dates to ensure that any books that you use are up to date with the most current testing guidelines. There is nothing wrong with using older books for extra practice, so long as you are aware of the changes. The library is a great place to use if you are on a budget or are just starting out.

The Web: The internet is a limitless source of CFA self-study material. Some of these materials may come as a part of a program which may require you to pay a fee, but others may be accessed free of charge. When tackling the internet, hit CFA forums first to look for advice that other students may have about a potential study guide.

Your Alma Mater: If you are still in school, you may have additional access to CFA study material as well as valuable advice. Your counselor will be able to explain the different paths for CFA vs CPA, and direct you towards a variety of important resources. If you have graduated, you can tap into your alumni network for advice from other students who have successfully completed the CFA; you may even be able to score some discounts on their old study materials.

According to Crush The Financial Analyst Exam, the CFA exam seems scary, remember you have plenty of resources to tackle to help you pass the exam.

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