Cheap Business Ideas

Are you currently working an 8 to 5 job, but are unsure if it’s really right for you? I have a lot of friends that seem to ask themselves that question often. It’s not that they hate what they do, they are just uncertain if it’s what they want to do for the rest of their lives. After all, 45 years is a long time to commit to something!

Do you feel like you’re an entrepreneur sometimes, but don’t want to take the big risk of leaving your day job to start a business of your own? I totally understand that mentality. Who in their right mind would give up $40k or more to maybe make some money? There’s just no guarantee that you’ll make it and in making the effort, you could lose all of your hard earned savings! What if, rather than quitting your job to start a venture, I told you that you could be entrepreneurial in addition to your job? Here are some great ideas that will give you a little taste of freedom, and who knows, maybe they’ll grow big enough that you won’t need your day job anymore!

Scrap Pickup – This just started getting big a few years ago. Some companies focus on just picking up big heavy metallic junk like broken washers and dryers. They do the work of hauling them out of your basement and you pay them nothing to do it. Their payment is given to them from the scrap yard when they get paid for the metal that the unit is made out of. This is a pretty simple business, and you could expand it to include any big junk item, as long as it could either be scrapped or resold for a profit. Remember though, that with that big truck you might need HGV Insurance from DNA. There are obviously other insurance companies that may provide coverage as well, so be sure to get an HGV Insurance quote online.

Mow Lawns – Most people are absolutely loving the fact that it’s spring time. They can get outside and go for a jog or just enjoy a quiet evening on their sun-filled deck. But, what they don’t love is taking care of their yard. If someone were to come over and offer to mow their small city lawn for just $10, they would probably jump on the offer. If you find enough lawns in a small area, you could really start cleaning up!

Paint Houses – Quite a few people pride themselves on being handy around the house and fixing every little thing that goes wrong, but some jobs are just too big for an average handyman, like painting the exterior of the house. It is a huge time commitment and if you’ve never done it before, it can be a little intimidating. If you have a talent for painting exteriors, I bet you could earn some pretty good money doing this.

Online Store – Starting a website is unbelievably cheap, and if you can find a product that would be in demand, but wouldn’t require you to rent a warehouse for all of your product. A great niche market would be a product in the $200-$400 range that might have a demand of 20 or so products per week. By making a 25% markup, you could earn yourself a couple grand a week! Now you just have to discover the product!

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