Common Keyword Pitfalls to Avoid

We all know about the importance that keywords play in any SEO campaign. Get the wrong keywords and you definitely throw away all the hard work you’ve been doing the past few months. Keywords are the backbone of any SEO strategy, whether you’re using it in your content, anchor link or post title.

You could easily find information on how to find the right keywords. These are proven practices that have been employed by some of the most successful website owners. Learning to use keywords is not exactly rocket science. Given the right tools and simple research, anybody could execute a professional SEO campaign. So the next time you’re writing content or creating backlinks, here are a few things to look out for when using keywords.










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Not Researching 


The most common pitfall in using keywords is resting on your laurels and not researching. What holds true today may not be accurate tomorrow. The internet is a highly dynamic world and failing to understand current and future trends will only leave your SEO strategy outdated. Keeping track of how people search for information over the internet gives you a fair idea on what keywords to target.

Checking for relevant keywords only takes a few minutes but its effect on your website could be timeless. If you’re trying to increase your traffic then keeping up with the trends is your best chance of getting noticed.

Single versus Multiple Keywords

You might want to weight the advantages and disadvantages of the keywords to use. Targeting high value keywords could be a harder nut to crack compared to its longer siblings. This is where deciding where to place your chips come in. Competing with high value keywords for example could take a lot of resources. Slugging it out with more established websites could be an uphill battle.

Focused and Broad Keywords

Using multiple or long tail keywords offer you a more balanced approach to keyword selection. This gives you a better chance of getting ranked higher in search results. It also offers you a more targeted approach to traffic generation. If you’re trying to sell sporting shoes for example, then shoes would be an ideal keyword to use. But using sport shoes gives you a better chance of hooking people who are specifically searching for these types of footwear.

Failing to Adapt

Failing to implement changes to your keyword strategy is like following a road that gets you nowhere. You don’t have to edit your posts or personally change all the anchors of your links. You just have to acknowledge these changes and create new content to optimize the use of these keywords.

Just because people have started using different search terms or new keywords doesn’t mean that you have lost all the value of your previous work. Build on your previous success and implement these new keywords in your SEO strategy.

Focusing too much on Keywords

Keywords help you get more traffic but content is what keeps people coming back. Keyword stuffing does not only turn away readers but could have your website marked as spam or blocked by search engines. Try to find a balance between quality writing and your SEO strategy. Some say that content should always be a priority but ignoring basic SEO like keywords should never be ignored either.

Author bio: Michael Scottsdale is a professional writer and currently works as a consultant for online businesses. When he’s not writing for Intermedia’s Exchange Hosting he could be found blogging about simple tips on how people could take advantage of the internet’s numerous business opportunities.

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  1. Prevention is very critical and at the same time, It’s deceptively easy to make a mistake. After that your mistake is hard to repair. Creator of the said damage must need to understand what they have done to be able to accomplish it.

  2. Keywords are the main target when we talk about blogs. I really like this blog because it really helps on how to avoid errors and it teaches how to use interactive keywords for the better outcome.

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