Debts: Avoid the seduction

We are bombarded with ads daily about wonderful things that we are certain we can’t live without. Going into any store is a mine-field of options to spend money and having that plastic handy makes it even worse.

Well, there are few simple tricks to help you avoid the seduction of using your card.

Stop using credit cards except for medical emergencies and planned large purchases, which are necessities in life such as a car, a house, an HDTV (Necessity eh?), and etc so you can cut up paying for monthly increments instead of paying in full. But, always remember, before doing so, compute how much money goes in and goes out of your pocket monthly to make sure you are prepared to pay your monthly credit bills.

When you receive your paycheck, make a computation on how much cash do you usually spend each week and then divide the weekly amount into daily portions. Afterwards, bring only the amount of money that you need each day. This will usually make you think twice before you purchase stuff because you can see just how much money you have left and actually, you don’t have extra money with you (Says: what up?! in Barney Stinson‘s voice).

If you are tempted to buy an item, think twice because you cannot, you didn’t bring extra money remember? (laughing demon in the background) In that scenario, you will have to just let it go and just go back the next day bringing the money that you need, which will give you a cool-off period, and help you have a better judgement, if whether you really need to purchase the item, or if the item is within your budget or not.
Because you have to always remember, the two kinds of purchases, “logical purchasing” and “emotional purchasing”. Of course, logical is always good, but always remember the first rule I will share with you guys, “being/having “too much” in something is always bad. Sooo bad, veeeeryy bad”. Anyway being a logical purchaser is also like a logical lover, “uses his/her head, not his/her heart ” and vice versa as for the emotional side.

And one last thing, avoid “shopping therapy” (Unless you can afford it, because really, its FUN!). Remember there are times when we shop to relieve stress? That is “shopping therapy”. It will cause you unnecessary purchases, and uh… well, unnecessary purchases.

My friends, regardless of the tips that I mentioned in this post, always remember, that money is always meant for “happiness”. But sometimes, its a luxury we can’t afford, YET. So here goes my second rule: “Balance your time, your money and your happiness”, that way you will have enough money and enough time to spend for the only perfect thing in the world, which is “Happiness”.

Now if you are already in debt, non-profit debt counseling services are available all over the web. Yet some are scams, so make sure to avoid paying without getting real results first. Credit card debt counseling is effective but I will recommend to everyone that “don’t make upfront payments to companies you don’t trust”

14 thoughts on “Debts: Avoid the seduction

  1. Hi Valentine!
    Good post. Your tips are really useful and I can say that I follow some of them. As I’m not a millionaire I can’t afford spend money without thinking what I’m spaending them on. And that’s a good idea to plan the amount of money you can spend daily or weekly. Thus you’ll have the picture of what you can or can’t afford to buy.

  2. Really loved your article on avoiding the seduction of using credit cards. It can, and is, easy to lose control when you carry around a lot of plastic. Buying is too easy these days. And I also agree 100% that money IS for your happiness and the happiness of others. But you need to be able to pay your bills before you can start spending on anyone’s happiness. I’ve found the perfect way to afford spreading happiness to all my friends and those in need. And, I can avoid the seduction of credit cards, by using the extra cash that I’ve made. Thank you again for a great article and God bless.

  3. Every time a bank rep calls me to offer me a credit card i have a hard time turning them down – first because they make everything to sound so good, and second because they have a hard time receiving a NO.

  4. I think we’ve all become over reliant on credit. Its easy to become manipulated by its tempting ways, but we must remember that its only and extension of debt, and not money we’ve actually accumulated. Just a thought.

  5. Hi Valentine ,I cut up all my cards in 2009 (just after the banking crisis began) .Now when i want to buy something i have to make sure i have real money in the bank first.its very liberating and makes me prioritse what i need from what i wuld like.

    Mika (London)

  6. A bank rep came to me and convinced me to take credit card, I did it but when i used my credit card omg, i became so frustrated, there were lots of hidden charges which at the time of meeting with rep, he did not explained to me. then i leaved it forever.

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