Different Types of Investing Accounts

There are many different types of investments. Each investor is attracted to certain characteristics and nuances of the various kinds of ventures. Every investment comes with certain advantages, drawbacks, and risks. It is up to the investor to analyze each of these elements before deciding upon a type of investment. There are many who choose several of these ventures to include in their portfolio. This allows them to create diversification within their portfolio. This minimizes the risk applied to the investments as a whole. Here is a list of the different types of investments:

Fixed Income

Fixed income investments are a form of investment that rely upon returns that are receivable at particular intervals, at a fixed rate. An investor loans a sum of money to a corporation or government agency. The borrower pays a fixed interest rate on this loan until a scheduled maturity date. When the loan matures, the borrower is expected to return the primary amount to the lender. This type of investment ensures that investors have a relatively set income as a return on an earlier investment that they participated in. The most common types of this investment are individual bonds, bond funds, exchange traded funds, certificates of deposit, and money market funds.


Equity investment is when individuals or firms invest in a company that requires a certain amount of capital to proceed with administration. The investors buy stock in the company and receive returns as capital gain or dividends. The stockholders can only obtain their initial investment and profit once they sell their stock to other individuals or firms. This type of investment can also be used to gain proprietorship in a private corporation. The investor only receives a return once the assets of the company have been liquidated and then distributed among shareholders.

Mutual Fund

A mutual fund investment is a form of investment that requires several participants or investors. Money managers, individuals who operate a mutual fund, are the ones that make the investments. Funds are aggregated from a number of investors – these are collected by the money manager. The manager then invests this money in stocks, bonds, and other assets. The goal of this investment is to yield capital gains as well as an income for the investors. The variety of investments that are offered by a mutual fund is known as a portfolio. The net asset value of the mutual fund is calculated by dividing the total value of the securities by the fund’s outstanding shares. The investors in these funds have no ownership over the securities that the fund invests in. The investors simply own shares in the mutual fund.

The type of investment that you choose to participate in should match the outcomes that you wish to see. Each of these investments provides investors with a variety of profits. Some of these returns are reimbursed to the investor sooner than others. A combination of these investments is also possible. You can choose to invest in several types of investments, expanding your portfolio across asset types.

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