How to Expand Your Business into Asia with a Virtual Office


There are a thousand different ways to take a business overseas. However, what they all need is money and plenty of it. International expansion is a goal for most businesses, but it can be a costly, risky affair. The best way to avoid damage to a company is to come up with a meticulous plan for growth and a suitable safety net.

Again, there are many methods to choose from and the size of your business, its type of industry, and past experiences are bound to have an impact. Virtual offices, for example, are a great way to support expansion if you’re comfortable with remote routines. Many entrepreneurs use these flexible workspaces to spread their message across Asia.

Visit for more details on virtual offices and how they work. With no long-term contracts or rental fees to pay, they are a practical path to growth.

Getting to Grips with the Virtual System

The idea behind the virtual office is very simple. Rather than paying a costly premium every month to lease a private workspace, small businesses and entrepreneurs can reduce overheads by accessing the same resources remotely.

Tenants are encouraged to make use of the real, physical address and a certain amount of onsite resources. However, the expectation is for them to continue working out of home or another location, with the remote workspace for off-site support

How Going Virtual Supports Expansion

So, tenants don’t pay to rent a privately held suite. However, rather than being a loss, this is precisely what makes the service so useful for expansion. Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you’ll stay connected to your business.

You’ll get updates on company calls, letters, parcels, and more. This is a huge benefit when planning an expansion across Asia, as such ventures involve lots of travel. With the support of a virtual vendor, you can build professional relationships far and wide, without losing track of existing ones.

No More Limitations on Growth

The cleverest way to structure an expansion is to, first, collect as much market and industry-based information as possible. Even when development teams are quite small, this usually costs a significant amount of money in travel, accommodation, food, and other expenses.

However, you can eradicate the need (and, therefore, cost) of a full-time office by leasing a virtual package. These resources are extremely valuable, from a practical perspective, especially when trying to figure out if the market is worth a commitment. You get all the same resources, but the office is fully mobile and flexible.

Corporate Workspaces Designed for You

Virtual offices are an ideal resource if you’re thinking about branching out and taking your business to new markets. They’re a superb way to get up close and personal with new cultures without making risky commitments. In fact, the premium vendors in Asia already have franchise links to national and global networks.

There’s a good chance you won’t need to sign up or register with a virtual facility more than once. If your current provider has corporate sites around the globe, they may give you access to all of them, via one pass card or registration code.

Why Asia Is the Place to Be for Entrepreneurs

Like much of Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a country on the verge of greatness. The economy here is growing at a rapid pace, tech markets are booming, and infrastructure has developed substantially over the last decade. For all of these reasons, the Philippines, and particularly Manila, is a fantastic place to infiltrate.

The country serves as a retail and commercial gateway to the rest of Asia. From Manila, you can use virtual office services to spread your brand across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and on to China and Hong Kong. The onsite staff at virtual facilities are highly trained and on hand 24/7 to help your company reach its goals.

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