Getting Rich

On a daily basis I think about being rich. I want to be so rich that I can do whatever my heart desires and not have to worry about money. How does this happen? How can I get there? Besides from going to Lucky Lady’s Charm and hitting it big, how does one live this sort of lifestyle.


One way for an individual to get rich is to own their own business. If you have an idea, run with it. When you have your own business you make the rules and the possibilities are endless. Granted, having your own business has its drawbacks. A lot of responsibility also means a lot of liability. It is all on your shoulders but you also have the amount of money you make right at your fingertips. You are not at the mercy of someone else. If you aren’t equipped to do it yourself, you could even invest in someone else’s business. People can be business partners in many different capacities.


People make it big by investing. There are many types of investments that can make you money. The obvious investments are with the stock markets. Some people do it on their own as a hobby or use an advisor or consultant. You can invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. the possibilities are endless.

Tangible Assets

You can invest in tangible items as well. Real estate is a common investment. It is common for  people to flip houses or even live in and renovate a house to gain capital. Investors may rent out a property for income or even just buy land in a popular area and sit on it to appreciate in value.

Wealthy individuals also invest in artwork. People go to school to learn how to value art and it is a big market that depends on trends and perceptions similar to the stock market.

Cars are also another form of a tangible asset that can make you money. Similar to artwork, there are always collectors and investors in the market for the hottest items.


Are you always thinking of ideas and items that don’t exist yet? Why not run with it and get rich doing it. Have you seen the show “Shark Tank”? All it takes is the next hot idea and you can be a million in months. Now don’t get me wrong, it looks like a lot of hard work is involved but this show makes the dream look possible!


The easiest way to hit it big is to win the lottery. All that money and no work to be done to earn it. Sounds good to me! This site explains that a lot of factors go into the odds of your chance at winning the lottery, but basically you have a 1 in 14 million chance at winning. So you’re saying there’s a chance?

By looking at all of these options it seems like it can be possible for anyone. So I think I need the motivation to begin. Who is with me?

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