Have You Purchased Life Insurance Yet?

Do you have a new addition at home?  A tiny, adorable, sometimes screaming bundle of joy?  If you have a child at home and have not bought life insurance, now is the time to do so.  Life insurance is a necessity to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your untimely death.  No one likes to think about death, especially when you may have a newborn to care for, but if you want to protect your family financially, purchasing life insurance is imperative.

Many people argue that they are too busy to purchase life insurance.  True, it does take some time and investigation to get a policy in place, but you may just be sacrificing a few hours that you would have spent watching T.V., and the results, having a life insurance policy in place, can protect your family for 10 to 20 years for a good term life insurance policy or for a lifetime for a whole life policy.  In short, the sacrifice in time is worth it for the protection you provide your family.

Don’t know how to get started searching for a life insurance policy?  Simply take advantage of one of the many life assurance deal comparison sites to compare rates they are just as easy as finding online car insurance quotes which is amazing.  From there, you can work with a broker or contact the companies yourself.  There will be some forms to fill out, and you must honestly reveal your current health state.  Are you a smoker?  Have you recently quit?  Although it may be tempting to skew the truth a bit on these forms, being honest is in your best interest.  If it ever is revealed that you were dishonest on the application, your policy can be forfeited.  Be honest.   After you have filled out the forms, an insurance agent will come to your home and take your blood pressure, weigh you, and ask you several health related questions.  Wait a few more days for confirmation, and you will be insured.

Some people also worry about the cost of life insurance, but the younger you put the policy in place, the less you are likely to pay.  Even if you have to pay more than you would like, contemplate how your family would survive without your income, or, if you are the stay-at-home parent, how your family would function without replacing all of the tasks you do on a daily basis to make sure the day runs smoothly.

Life insurance is a worthwhile investment that only requires a few hours of your time to put in place.  Doing so is well worth the time and money you spend, and it will give you valuable peace of mind.

Guest Post by Melissa

44 thoughts on “Have You Purchased Life Insurance Yet?

  1. Thanks for your useful and informative text, I just have planned to purchase another life insurance, because the one we’ve already purchased is not the best for me and my husband, I think. Maybe your points could help us the choose the right one, thanks for sharing!

  2. Term life insurance is also a good choice if looking for an economic choice. It’s often much cheaper than regular life insurance and you can choose 20 or 30 year terms.

  3. H Melissa,
    You are absolutely right. If the policy is purchased early (like mid to late 20’s) there are a wealth of things that it can be used for later in life. You can borrow on it for college, additional retirement funds or to get out of debt. The interest charged is minimal. And, with it in place, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your family will be cared for if something does happen.

  4. all the way, i think life insurance is a must paymenys are not that big, but after that u can even benefit from it after 7 years of paying(some companies and depends on the police of insurance) and if no ur family will…

  5. Hello there,
    thanks for this share! Sure, life insurance is something needed. I bought a house few years ago, and i was forced by the bank to have a life insurance as well, LOL. But ok, who knows why it can be good…

    1. You mean forced? That can’t be right. You’re right, maybe it’s not a good topic to talk too, but certainly it’s a great way to plan for the future. You just need to check which agency give reliable insurances.

  6. The advantage of a life insurance policy is that it isn’t subject to income tax when the owner dies. An IRA is taxed to the beneficiaries the same way it would be to the owner — so you’d want to look at a Roth, not a traditional.

  7. This is such a lovely article. Thanks for pointing out this very important point. I should definitely make my investments on a life insurance.


  8. I believe that life insurance is very helpful. In my mind, I will have my insurance not for myself but for the people who will take care of my remains when I am gone. Ironic, but true.

  9. This is that kind of thing which will help to you and your family and fulfill many dreams when you will be in the age of retire and i has seen this thing in my life with my eyes so i suggest to all each and every person should take life insurance as soon as possible if you loves your family.

  10. Thank you for sharing. This is very helpfulfor every people. This can be used as a life time and its a good benefits for your family.

  11. I am done purchasing life insurance and health insurance as well. As an employee I have to consider first to insured myself in such lifetime benefits in any government or private sector.

  12. Definition of Life Insurance – Life Insurance Quotes And Term Life Insurance Agency Specializing in life Insurance Quotes.It not only provides financial protection to the dependants of the insurance policy holder, but it as well suggests a grand device for maintaining one’s funds.

    1. I work in inasrunce, not car inasrunce, but technically no. Paying off a car does not make you less likely to not get into an accident. The only way to lower premium, is to be a safe driver and prove it for a time: no tickets, no accidents. Next, lowering your coverage will also lower your premium. But, since you are paying off your vehicle soon, why not keep the premium you pay now? You will already be saving money. Dropping to liability will only ruin your day when you get into an accident and that car you just paid off is trashed and you must start the monthly payment process all over again. It is better to have the inasrunce and not need it, then need the inasrunce and not have it. All it takes is one bad accident to realize how little the inasrunce costs. Stick with your current premium because you will already be saving money when your vehicle is paid off.

  13. Life insurance is very important. But it is quite unfortunate that here in Nigeria, we don’t have that culture of insuring anything at all. Lack of trust in Nigeria insurance companies is not helping at all. We still have a long way to go here in Nigeria.

  14. Just answer this question honestly and you will know why you need to buy life insure immediately if you haven’t already done so. The Question is : If you were to die tomorrow how would like to be remembered by you spouse and children?

  15. We already purchased insurances for all members in the family. I hope that this post will serve as eye opener to all the people that have not yet purchase life insurance. Thanks for sharing this article.

  16. My friend suggested me to engage with this “Life Insurance” because it provides a kind of assistance to me but I am lack of time to managed it then…

  17. Insurance is a friend which can provide a kind of things when you needed so, it can help in ever family to feel free when it comes to finances…

  18. Honestly, I’m not able yet purchased this life insurance, even though I knew those beneficial things may help to my family.. But still. I am looking forward to it…

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