How to open a new office with minimum disruption

If your business has grown to the extent that you need to open a new office, you’ll already know that you have to make careful plans to ensure all goes smoothly – especially when it comes to hiring new staff and having them stay in touch with the rest of the company.

Read on for some tips on how to go about doing this.

1) Get the right management in place

Many companies choose to relocate some of their most experienced managers so they can use their expertise to steer the new office in the right direction, and this is often an effective strategy to put in place. Extra support should be offered to ensure they settle into their new location, however.

You will want to appoint someone who can clearly lead by example and is capable of managing a high number of new employees. Ideally, you will have more than one of your existing managers onsite to avoid placing too much strain on the shoulders of one person.

If all goes well, these managers should be able to keep the new office on the same course as the rest of the company, while also encouraging new recruits – who are likely to be locally based – to bring their own knowledge to bear on the business’s performance.

2) Start small

In general, it’s a good idea to install a small team in your new office at first, before gradually building it up over time. There are several advantages to doing so, with the two main ones being:

• Your management team won’t be overwhelmed with having lots of people to train from the beginning
• You can expand the team as the office grows, rather than risking a financial loss with a large team and little growth

Exercising caution in this way can only be a good thing, even if you’re pretty certain of future growth.

3) Keep the lines of communication open

Ensuring your new office is in constant contact with other sites is crucial for keeping track of its development from a fledgling operation to a successful one. It will also help newer members of staff learn from a wide variety of more experienced employees.

To this end, you should install a reliable phone and internet system and set up regular meetings between staff from different offices to keep the lines of communication open. It’s a good idea to look into conference call services like Buzz Conferencing, too.

The last thing you want is for staff at your new office to feel isolated and cut off from the rest of the company, so ensure workers at your other sites make the effort to stay in touch with their newer counterparts.

4) Make sure everything works in advance

Opening a new office is bound to bring some technical issues as the telecoms system and IT equipment get set up and everyone learns how to use them. That’s why it can be useful to minimise disruption by properly testing everything well in advance of the grand opening, leaving enough time to rectify any problems that may come to light.

Technical problems can be seriously demoralising for staff, especially brand new workers who may already be nervous about their new jobs, so taking steps to prevent these can go a long way towards establishing a successful new site for your business.


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