How to plan an event marketing strategy

How to plan an event marketing strategy

Events such as trade shows, exhibitions and sales conferences can be a great way of raising your company profile and attracting new customers. Here are some tips on planning a successful event:

Choosing the event

There is no point in spending lots of money on banners, posters and promotional giveaways if you select the wrong type of event to go to, whether it is either too small or it is aimed at the wrong people.

Do your research before you sign up:

• Do the attendees fit the profile of your target audience?
• Are there footfall stats from previous events?
• Are your competitors exhibiting?
• How much will a stand cost?
• What are the other incidental costs?
• Do you think you’ll generate a positive return on investment?

Make your stand attractive

Trade shows and exhibitions represent a great opportunity to find – and communicate with – people who might be totally unfamiliar with your company, so make the most of it.

How will your stand, well, stand out? Consider using some or all of the following:

• Roller banners with your corporate logo, information, website address and contact details;
• Display cabinets for new or featured product;
• Display screens to demonstrate your web-site or social media pages;
• A comfortable seating area so that your team can hold impromptu meetings or discuss enquiries in greater detail;
• Promotional giveaways to attract passersby such as chocolates, sweets or mints.

Tailor your sales technique to the audience

Your sales pitch is likely to be different depending on whether you’re dealing with an existing customer or a new enquiry. A prospective new customer will want to get a broad overview of your brand, product range, pricing and sales process. An existing customer may be more interested in new products and services, special offers, rebate schemes or other form of loyalty discount.

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with an existing customer or a new enquiry:

• Avoid jargon and buzzwords;
• Avoid being too pushy (after all, enquiries can be followed up after the event);
• Be friendly!

Leave a lasting impression

Most attendees to trade shows and exhibitions will visit several stands during the event.

It is crucial that visitors to your stand leave with a lasting impression, so they remember you long after the venue doors have closed. One of the best ways to do this is to hand out promotional gifts, such aspromotional pens.

Pens have universal appeal and most of us use one on a daily basis. This means that recipients of promotional pens are likely to retain them for a significant period of time, recalling your brand, logo and contact details long after you hand them out.

Figures by the British Promotional Products Association (BPMA) back this up, revealing that 66 per cent of people could remember the brand on a promotional gift they had received in the last 12 months. What’s more, BPMA research also indicates that recipients of promotional products are more likely to do business with a company that provides them with promotional gifts.

Have you got any tips on how to make the most of marketing at public events? Leave your comments and share you own great advice!

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  1. If your exhibitions and events are already well known and have a recognised market presence, then the easiest way to structure your marketing plan will be to piggy back the corporation onto the already accepted brand – the product. But beware – there is a risk in doing that. If you plonk the company name in a prominent position in advertising, PR, sales material and sales discussions, you risk devaluing the existing success of your products.

  2. We have been hiring planners to do this event management things so far, but recently due to the cost cutting measures that most of the companies are undertaking, It has become important for us to manage them ourselves. We are going to have a global expat insurance even at Dubai on Sep20th 2012, So we are gearing, reading and trying to make it a successful event with out the help of professionals! These tips are surely going to help us, thank you for sharing :)!

  3. planning an event consists of so many imporatnt steps. you gave such a nice description of that significant process. thanks. with all the aspects you spoke about there is a need to be creative and innovative to execute new ideas and make the event successful. events could be a success if they pull over much traffic.

  4. Terrific information about how to plan an event. Really wonderful to read, I’m into Brand Consultancy Firm and Events are very imporant to boost my clients company and I really need essential strategies to organize these events and you have provided me wonderful methods, thanks for sharing.

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