How to Shop For Credit Cards

Getting a great deal on a credit card is getting harder and harder every year, since there are more laws limited what credit card companies can do, and more focus on increasing profits.  However, if you shop around and follow these rules below, you can help yourself find a great credit card that can work for you, and not against you.

The Interest Rate

Depending on how you use your credit card, the interest rate can be a factor.  As such, you should always look for the lowest interest rate possible.  There are many ways to look for low interest credit cards, but it is easy to use a comparison site like ratesupermarket credit cards.  That way you can see a lot of options in one place.

For regular spending, the best way to use a credit card is to not pay interest at all by paying your balance off in full each month.

However, another option is to transfer a balance to the card that has the lowest interest rate.  In fact, many cards offer promotional 0% balance transfers, which can help you save money over the time it takes to pay off the balance.

The Fees

Nobody likes paying fees, but it is how credit cards make their money.  As such, credit card companies bury all types of fees into the fine print of credit card agreements.

Make sure that you select a credit card that doesn’t have any excess fees, like annual fees or usage fees.  These are charges that the best credit cards don’t charge, so you should avoid at all costs.

Depending on the services you use, you may also be subject to late fees and balance transfer fees.  Just make sure that you are paying close attention.

The Rewards

Finally, you should be looking for a credit card that pays rewards.  There are many different types of rewards, including cash back, points, miles, gifts, and more.  When thinking about what type of rewards card interests you, think about what activities you do.

If you like to travel, a card that offers miles or hotel stays could have more value to you than a card that offers points or cash back.

The catch is this: always make sure that you compare the cash value of your “freebie” to what you would earn with a cash back card.  You may find that the cash back card still offers better rewards in the end than other cards.

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16 thoughts on “How to Shop For Credit Cards

  1. This is really helpful … i will try out these ways … and hope it helps …

    Thanks for sharing ….

  2. Interest rates can vary widely and some cards may offer special rates for initial purchases or time frames. Choosing the ideal credit card out of the thousands out there requires you to consider multiple factors before filling out an application.

  3. I have a credit card that rewards me monthly via rebates or freebies. I also make it a point to pay off my balance in full rather than pay for my expenses little by little and let the monthly interest build up. I agree with you, the cash back card is much better than getting freebies. Gotta check that with my credit card company. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Having credit cards are very tempting and sometimes we need to control ourselves for spending and shopping too much..

  5. credit cards is really important in the factor that you are able to shop any thing that you want even though you left your money at home..

  6. I had a hard time before on managing my credit card dues, but after some contemplating and extreme self-control, I managed to minimize my spending and only buy what I need, and rarely splurge as a reward for myself. I agree that by paying your dues in full monthly, it will really ease your mind.
    Freebies are okay I guess, but for me, it is enough that my credit card does not charge me for any annual fees because I always use my credit card for most of my monthly expenses.

  7. It’s like choosing wisely credit card which fits our needs. Today we see many companies cheats on fees and rewards points. I would consider these three points before opting for credit cards. It’s really helpful to find the better company for credit cards and enjoy the benefit of credit card. I had to think twice before applying for credit cards.

  8. Today we need to be careful before opting for credit cards because company always has hidden condition which affects us in future. I was planning for credit cards but now before applying for credit card I will love to shop for better credit cards considering the three important points.

  9. I am a person who are fun of shopping, and when the moment that I see something great my credit cards do love to provide a solution… I do love using my credit cards, very useful tool for a kind of happiness…

  10. I believe today most of the people opt for credit cards and later they are cheated by the companies. I am planning to gift credit card to my mother but now have to better shop for it. I need to look for better deals, rewards and reliable company. If you be careful in the beginning it will affect you and your pocket less later.

  11. This post is very important in understanding how to get better deal on credit cards. Credit cards users are mostly exploited and thus these three points will be very helpful in getting good deal on credit cards. Insurance is very useful in choosing good credit cards and good deals.

  12. Today most of the people are cheated on basis of fake interest rate and rewards points on credit cards. I think credit cards user would love to consider your points before opting for any deal for credit card. I am planning for credit card but now I would refer your points before choosing any deal.

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