If you’ve made modifications to your car will you still be covered by your auto insurance?

For some people a car is just a means of getting about, for others it’s a fashion statement, or an extension of their personality. If your car is more than just a vehicle to you then you should be careful if you’re thinking about modifying it too much.

If your car still has all of the factory fitted accessories then you shouldn’t have a problem with claiming on your insurance if they are damaged or stolen. As soon as you start fitting non-standard accessories to a vehicle then you start to risk having problems with insurance claims.

What happens if I have non-standard items in my car?

One thing to remember is that you should never rely on a basic car insurance policy once you have started to make customized additions to your vehicle. If you choose to spend your money on acquiring upgraded wheels for your car, or you want to buy one of the latest stereo systems, then that’s fine but chances are you will want to make sure that your investment is protected. In order to do this you have to purchase the correct level of motor insurance.

As soon as you start to make adjustments to your car you should speak to your insurance provider to ask about making additions to your policy. There is a good chance that the amount of your regular premium will increase but you will be protected should any incidents occur. If you can’t afford to increase your insurance premiums then maybe you should be asking yourself if you can really afford to make the changes to your car. If you don’t enhance your insurance policy then you stand the chance of being rejected should you have to make a claim.

What about items that you may take with you on a trip?

If you are going on a trip then you may be tempted to take expensive items, such as a laptop, with you. There’s obviously nothing to stop you from doing this, but you need to consider coverage if anything happens to the item during your trip. Obviously you should take precautions by never leaving anything of value in your vehicle, especially if it’s on display.

If you really need to leave something then make sure it’s locked in the trunk. Remember that items like these are not covered by your car insurance. They may be covered, under contents on your home insurance, but you will need to check your policy to see if you need to pay any additions for expensive items.

What happens if your car is rare?

Many people like to invest in a vehicle that’s different, something that not many others own. If that applies to you then you will probably need to purchase an insurance policy that is specifically designed for that type of car. Your vehicle will not be covered by basic car insurance.

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