Launching A Product Online

If you have a new product that you want to launch online, or even a whole new website then the quality of your product launch will dictate whether it is a great success or a damp squib.

Make no mistake launching a new website or online product takes a lot of time and effort, and the more you put in then the greater your chances of success. Also remember that when it comes to the Internet, the marketing rules that apply are totally different to those that apply to a High Street chain of shops.

Indeed many traditional marketing people are simply at a loss as to why their products fail to make an impact when launched on the Internet. Yet it is possible for one man working from home to launch an eBook and make $1 million within a week of launching it, having spent next to no money on advertising.

A good product launch on the Internet does not mean spending hundreds of thousands on banner adverts on key media sites such as Yahoo and Facebook.

To make a good product launch on the Internet there are several key elements that you need to factor in to the launch:

Social Media

Spread the news virally – this will require the use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, using book marking sites such as ‘Digg’ (There are dozens of such social book marking sites, far too many to list), as well as posting on relevant forums, as well as your own blog. All of this will add to the groundswell and begin to create Internet chatter about the launch. The bigger this groundswell becomes then the higher your chances of a great product launch.

Build Anticipation

As you spread the news using the above methods, you will need to begin to drop hints about what your new product is going to offer people, yet you need to keep anticipation levels high by not giving away too much. Your aim should be to spread the news virally and see begin to see comments such as “I cannot wait until xyz launches!” posted by complete strangers.

Over Deliver

Make sure the product launches with some extra wow factor or bonus feature that you held back from telling people was going to be launched with the product. This will set the purchaser further singing your praises on social media, thus increasing interest and hence increasing sales further.

Deliver On Time

Deliver 100%, and launch on the day you said you were going to, if you are a week late all your hard work will be lost and a competitor may even beat you to market. On the Internet speed to market is everything.

In Conclusion

The above steps can be applied to the launch of a new product for sale on your website, or even an entire new website. Lastly, when launching an entire new website it is a good idea to run a blog to direct people to, so that you can drip feed them information about your launch, and use the blog to build a mailing list ready for use on launch day.

It may well be worth seeking the advice of a web development company to advise you on the above aspects of launching a new product or website.

Bio: TME Solutions, based in Maidstone, provide website design and development for companies looking to either create a totally new online presence, or build on their existing site through a redesign or online marketing. For Web Design in Kent, contact us to see how we can help your online business see success.

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