Magento Ecommerce for Mobile

In order to capture the hearts and minds of an increasingly tech-led society, any business with an ecommerce platform must provide a mobile shopfront. In doing so they better enable themselves to embrace rapidly growing online consumer markets that increasingly use mobile devices to browse and buy online.

As technology advances, both fundamental and residual changes are required to ecommerce service delivery, performance, agility and speed of solution. It must seamlessly integrate products with customer expectations and market enablers.

One solution above all others leads the way in this regard, Magento ecommerce for mobile. As the leading platform for hundreds of thousands of online enterprises around the globe, Magento mobile empowers ecommerce for the demands of a mobile generation. Here we look at the benefits of using Magento to build a mobile shopping platform that delivers ecommerce anywhere, anytime.

Magento mobile changes the dynamic for any ecommerce oriented business in the following ways.

1. Seamless integration of services – Storefront optimisation around powerful Magento database structures that integrate ecommerce with optimum mobile usability. Full integration of online product and service catalogues, checkouts, inventory and reporting.

2. Clean application delivery – Magento mobile is built on an optimised coding structure for mobile devices that query databases with best-in-class submission and support. This creates greater end-user experience when running an online business with real-time demands.

3. Customer engagement – Magento is a no-cost ecommerce platform and in mobile form it is streamlined to provide optimum mobile engagement. It is built on customisable, purpose built infrastructure for the precise usability requirements of mobile devices and apps.

4. Simple management – Easy to manage and deliver a seamless user experience, Magento mobile operates on multiple devices with a single installation. It extends mobile ecommerce to every type of device and user, whilst minimising internal management requirements.

5. Fully customisable – As new mobile devices and apps enter the market, Magento mobile stands out as an ecommerce platform that is future proof and product focused so that consumers can access a business’s online offerings whatever the device or software spec.

6. Significant ROI – As Magento mobile integrates within every type of device and is extremely cost-effective as an ecommerce platform, it opens sales pipelines across every mobile user community. Feature rich and fully secure, it helps brands build lead generation networks around rapidly expanding mobile markets.

We have entered an era of true technological mobility. In this regard every business with an online customer base must provide a mobile presence that is customised around mobile devices and apps. Each unique business must define and satisfy the needs of customers around the world, on whatever devices enter the market, and however they perceive quality ecommerce engagement to be.

Magento mobile creates the ultimate ecommerce experience for people to shop online – anywhere, anytime. It offers complete security, simplicity and speed, to drive the best user experience from a mobile ecommerce platform. As such, it is used by many of the leading online brands in the world today, exponentially increasing product awareness and purchasing power.

Today, consumers want native experiences on whatever mobile device they use. They require clean navigation of your shopfront to make decisions quickly and easily. This requires a mobile ecommerce platform that is cohesive and optimally designed with them in mind. In an ideal world your ecommerce platform will also be available on every type of mobile device, offering anywhere, anytime access. Here, Magento mobile creates the best platform to connect with truly global mobile consumer markets.


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