What You Need To Know About Cell Tower Leasing

Cell tower leasing involves the rental of cell sites upon which cell towers have been constructed. A cell site contains all the equipment necessary for wireless communication to take place. The applicable equipment is placed on an elevated structure. These locations allow signals to be sent and received, allowing for telecommunication to occur.

There are real estate companies such as TowerPoint Capital that assist landowners in leasing their cell site properties. These firms pay landowners an agreed upon amount to lease out their sites to telecommunication companies.

Types of Leases

A cell tower ground lease refers to the contract or arrangement that exists between a property owner and a communications company. It involves the production and assembly of the telecommunications tower on the property of the landowner. This type of lease stipulates the exact perimeter of the property that can be utilized by the communications firm.

A tower collocation lease is an agreement that is struck between the telecommunications carrier and the owner of the tower. The tower owner can either be a corporation that assembles the tower or another wireless carrier entirely. In certain instances, the tower owner may also own the land upon which the structure is built. In other cases, the tower owner has another contract with the landowner.

A rooftop lease is one that takes place between a building proprietor and a telecommunications company. This type of lease takes place when the wireless company does not own the building upon which they wish to attach equipment. The owner of the building will then be paid a certain amount of money to utilize their building space.

Working With Cell Tower Real Estate Firms

There are several reasons that landowners choose to work with cell tower real estate firms. First, there is a lowered risk for the landowners, particularly within a short timeframe. Landowners also have the added opportunity of being able to receive a large sum of money from these firms. They would otherwise have to receive a monthly stipend from the telecommunications carriers that they work with.

Cell tower real estate firms offer expertise that individuals do not have on their own. Such companies evaluate the property, thoroughly. This allows them to provide the landowners with a more accurate estimate of how much the property is worth. This results in landowners being able to get better offers for their cell sites. Landowners are also provided with an ease of mind. All of the legalities and necessary appraisals are conducted by proficient and capable individuals. This ensures that all parties of the agreement receive a fair deal and appropriate compensation.

The property that you own may, in fact, be an ideal location for a cell site. The rapidly evolving rate of technology has caused an increase in demand. This requires more cell towers to be erected in towns and other populated areas. Individuals who feel as though their land can contribute as a cell site should contact the proper agencies to discover their value. You just may be sitting on a gold mine and simply not be aware of it.

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