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How to Shop For Credit Cards

Posted by on May 2, 2012
Getting a great deal on a credit card is getting harder and harder every year, since there are more laws limited what credit card companies can do, and more focus on increasing profits.  However, if you shop around and follow these rules below, you can help yourself find a great credit card that can work for you, and not against you. The Interest...
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According to research from APACS, the banking payments association, UK cardholders spend around £10 billion a month on their credit cards. Statistics in the report show that there are more credit cards in UK than there are people. The credit crunch has stalled growth, but it’s fair to still say, when it comes to choosing a credit card – the choices...
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If you are a college student or a recent graduate, you may find yourself bombarded with credit card offers. Most students simply fill out a credit card application, cross their fingers and hope for the best and then wait to hear if they are accepted. Many students are just happy to be approved and get their own credit card; they don’t care what...
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