Financial Freedom with a Mortgage

Not only can getting your first mortgage be a daunting idea, but a mortgage is likely to going to be the biggest financial commitment you are ever going to have, therefore in order to achieve financial freedom effectively you need to tackle this particular issue. This can be done by taking an in depth look


Australia is often referred to as ‘the lucky country’, but in order to be one of the lucky ones with enough money to live comfortably and enjoy our lifestyle, it’s important to make sure you have adequate protection for your family and your possessions. Having enough home insurance, contents insurance and life insurance, and car

Top Investing Trends of 2013

The trends of 2012 will likely continue into to 2013, with a strong mixture of bull and bear months across all of the stock and commodities indices. The top investment trends of 2013 can be patiently witnessed when analyzing the technology stocks, emerging markets, and the gold price movements that will undoubtedly leave their mark