Is Your Cash Flow Tight?

Do you ever feel like money is just a little too tight? Every time you get paid, you see a glimpse of some dollars, and then the bills quickly take that comma out of your checking account! Cash goes in, but it seems like it makes an exit just as fast. So what’s the problem?

Investing For Your Future

When you think of investing for your retirement, what first comes to mind? Confusion? Dullness? Or maybe it’s fear of the unknown? Many people view retirement investing differently. For me, I think it’s kind of exciting. After all, where else can you take your money and grow it by thousands of dollars over the course

Are You Tired of Traditional Investing?

What types of investing are offered within your 401(k) or your IRA? Typically, your only options are bond funds, index funds, and mutual funds. While these are solid investments, they can be a bit tiring. After all, they show very little volatility and you are most likely pretty limited with your selections! Do you know