Traveling Abroad – Do You Need International Health Insurance?

Traveling abroad is a business necessity for some while for others it is the chance for a relaxing vacation in an exotic local. You may even be living in a foreign country on a short-term basis or planning to permanently relocate to the country. Regardless of the reason for your trip abroad, travel insurance is a must. Travelers often make the mistake of assuming that their domestic health insurance policy will cover them while abroad or that the health care system in the country they are visiting will provide coverage; however, in many instances this is simply not the case.

Many domestic health insurance policies require you to receive treatment from a preferred provider or hospital. Clearly, if you are in a foreign country, you do not have access to a preferred provider. Often, a domestic plan specifically excludes coverage while abroad altogether. In addition, policies that do provide coverage while out of the country often have relatively low coverage limits as well as a mountain of paperwork that must be submitted before coverage is approved. Relying on a foreign medical system to provide you coverage is not a viable option in most cases. Although some foreign countries have excellent health care systems, you may not be eligible to receive services unless you are a permanent resident or citizen. Purchasing international health insurance coverage is one way to ensure that you are covered regardless of the situation or country where you need coverage.

Travel medical insurance operates in much the same way as a domestic health care coverage policy; however, it is tailored to travelers who may need coverage all over the globe. Your travel medical insurance plan will generally cover inpatient hospital emergencies as well as outpatient and doctor visits just as a domestic policy does. A health emergency or accident suffered abroad can be scary enough without having to worry about how to navigate the health care system and how you will be able to afford treatment. Travel insurance provides you with the peace of mind to be able to conduct your business, enjoy your vacation or even live abroad worry-free.

Guest post by Katya

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  1. I’m a veteran of the Vietnam war and served in the army from 1966 to1969. My ouestion is do i have any health or drug benfits. I’m currently on ss disablly.and receiving medcare par a& b with b.BC Blue shield supplement policy.. I am also in medcare donnet hole for drugs, can I get any help with the drugs while in the hole ?

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