What Can CRM Software Do For a Small Business?

Running a small business is a big responsibility; even though you may only have a few employees, it’s still vital to follow all of the correct procedures and do everything you can to grow your company as time goes by. CRM software might not be able to do all of your work for you, but it can certainly help to make a wide range of processes easier and faster – freeing you up to focus resources elsewhere.

Computerize processes

One of the main ways CRM solutions can help a small business is by computerizing processes in a simple and effective way. This is especially useful if you have previously been keeping paper records or have electronic records in several places. The idea of CRM software is to help you manage your customer information more easily, from one central location.

Maintain contacts

This means it can also help you to maintain your contact list. One of the benefits of being a small business is that you can get to know your customers on a personal level easier than you would if your company was large. A good CRM system can help you with this by storing a comprehensive contact list and vital customer information. You can then add to this as necessary to make sure you always have up to date, simple to access, secure information on your clients.

Follow actions and progression of leads

You can also use CRM systems to follow the progress of different leads. For example, if you make a new potential client at a networking event and then follow up the meeting with an email, you can log this progression using the software. Then, as the relationship progresses, you can track the process of your actions so you have a comprehensive record. This can be useful for auditing purposes as well as analyzing actions so you can do things better in the future; being able to track sales from start to finish is definitely an important part of this.

Assist with marketing activities

CRM software is also useful for your marketing activities. For instance, you can often now link it up with your online accounts (such as social networking accounts) to keep your contacts up to date. You can also use it to send mass emails to your customers, which can help to speed up the process while still making sure they are all kept up to date with what’s going on with your business. This way, it also ensures you keep a record of your marketing actions so you can tell more clearly what’s working and what’s not.

View vital sales information

Finally, CRM solutions allow you to track and view vital sales information. This is important for any business, but particularly for small businesses where every sale really does make a difference. You can use the software to set yourself goals (such as estimated completion dates) and use it to generate quotes, which can speed up processes and standardise your working practices – all of which can improve your chances of closing that all-important deal.

7 thoughts on “What Can CRM Software Do For a Small Business?

  1. Debra try the quicken one for small business, that wil be good for you… you can get it online for free and mint.com owns it…. It is quite alright…. you have to crawl before you can walk…. you will get the hang of it…. im not too savvy either, i have to get my niece who is 10 years old to help me with my blackberry…. lol! you’ll be fine, you have questions about it … i will answer…

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